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Subject: RE: [Q-R] Way/Hickman
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 21:58:55 -0500
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I went back to Rootsweb. It looks like the consensus there is "unknown"
with a fews votes for "Edward Way" sometimes said to have been born at
"Chitto, Wiltshire, ENG" about 1640. No one seems even to have a guess at
his mother's name.

Here's a note from an entry in the dabase titled "lauva-way": From Gilbert
Cope's records in Genealogical Library of Historical Society of
Pennsylvania, "Way Family Data", citing entries in Bromham Parish of
Wiltshire, England (baptism date of 12 March 1663); quoted in D. Herbert
Way's "Decendants of Robert and Hannah Hickman Way of Chester County,
Pennsylvania" , vol 1, p. 1. op. cit.

Dan Treadway
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Dan, Sandra,

You wouldn't happen to know Robert Mother's or Father's name, would ya?

Jerry Edwards
Looking for Edwards/Chamberlain/Mote/Patty/Hiatt/Hiett

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