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Subject: RE: [Q-R] Records of New England Friends
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 99 10:42:00 -0500

REVISED (with corrections through March 27, 1998) Copyright 1998, and
minor additions and format changes for the electronic version:

NEW ENGLAND Yearly Meeting began holding general meetings on Rhode
Island in 1661, held business sessions under the name Rhode Island Yearly
Meeting beginning with the session at Portsmouth attended by George Fox in
1672/06, and separated into [1] Gurneyite (later FUM) and [2] WILBURITE
(later sometimes called Conservative) branches in 1845, named, respectively,
the Yearly Meeting of Friends for New England and the New England Yearly
Meeting of Friends. [1] The Gurneyite branch joined in founding FUM in
1902. [2] The Wilburite branch suffered a further separation lasting from
1863 to 1911 consisting principally of its Nantucket Monthly Meeting,
forming [3] the "General Meeting of Friends for New England, held on Rhode
Island," after 1885 named the "Quarterly Meeting of Men and Women Friends
for New England" (called OTISITE herein). The Otisites rejoined the
Wilburite Yearly Meeting in 1911 under the name Nantucket Monthly Meeting,
though by then meeting only in Rhode Island. The FUM and Wilburite branches
reunited in 1945, along with the Connecticut Valley Association of Friends,
Friends Meeting at Cambridge and Providence Friends Fellowship, as New
England Yearly Meeting of Friends. The Newport and Portsmouth congregations
of Rhode Island Monthly Meeting objected to the merger and transferred in
1951 to Ohio Yearly Meeting (Gurneyite) (now EFC-Eastern Region). The
united Yearly Meeting continued as a member of FUM and joined FGC in 1959.
The Yearly Meeting stores the records of the Yearly Meetings and most
subordinate bodies at the Rhode Island Historical Society Library,
Providence, Rhode Island and most of the records of early meetings in Maine
in the Maine Historical Society in Portland. The Otisite yearly-meeting and
quarterly-meeting records and the records of all branches of Nantucket
Monthly Meeting are at the Nantucket, Massachusetts, Historical Society as
its Collections 51 and 52. The records of meetings in Dartmouth,
Massachusetts, and Newport, Rhode Island are now mostly held at the
respective local historical societies. The Yearly Meeting Archives in
Providence contain microfilm of nearly all records at any of these locations
more than 50 years old and many more-recent minutes. I based many
corrections and all references herein to Records Known Extant on the volumes
originally prepared by the Yearly Meeting's Historical Records and Archives
Committee and completely revised by the Rhode Island Historical Society's
Archivist, Richard D. Stattler, as Guide to the Records of Religious Society
of Friends (Quakers) in New England (1997), with its sketch of meeting
histories and helpful maps.

Tom Hill
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Good Morning,
Where would one find records for the New England states? All my people are
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