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From: herb nichols <>
Subject: Re: [Q-R] Ancesters 1 - CROSMAN, New England, DORLAND, New York, HOPPER, CLEMENT, STOKES New Jersey, COALE, Maryland
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 14:21:40 -0400

At 11:52 AM 10/19/99 -0400, Alan Crosman wrote:
>Several months ago there was a series of exchanges listing earliest Quaker
>Ancestors. Since most of my ancestors are Quakers, I got bogged down. I
>have now put togehter four lists to share.
>Solomon Crosman b 1759, moved to Durham ME 1780. Descended from John
>Crosman d 1699 in RI and son Robert. Married Mehitable Goddard b 1763.
You will find this marriage in Falmouth [Me.] MM
"s Jesse,dcsd, & Sarah
d James & Sarah of Falmouth"

This marriage was witnessed by the usual cast of characters. In addition
were David Crossman and Nathan Crossman. [brothers]

Concerning John Crossman's birth and death.
>From "Portsmouth, R.I. Records ...
"John Crossman, aged about 100 years, departed this life in Newport this
26th day 11th mo 1687/88"

and from Rhode Island Records previous to 1690:
"John Crossman born 1588 died Jan 26, 1688 at Newport, R.I. In 1666/7 he sold
to John Easton & Walter Clark of Newport all rights in Providence for 40
shillings for use and benefit of people called quakers in Rhode Island and
their successors."

His death is recorded in Arnold's Vol 7, the volume devoted to Quakers of
Rhode Island.

Mass Colonial Records Oct 30, 1651 Book 3 p 257 [While still in Dedham,
before migrating to Taunton,I believe]
"Whereas the court and Jury did not agree in John Crossman's case who is
now a
prisoner for blasphemy and so it is necessary comming to the court on a
full hearing of the order and determine as follows -
That the said Crossman be severly whipped in open market place & immediately
after to be burnt in his forehead with the letter 'B' and also be banished
forever out of our jurisdiction."

"Sometime between 1637 and 1639 one John Crossman is said to have emigrated
from Somersetshire, England to Taunton Ma." Media research Bureau. He had one
known son Robert.

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