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From: Michael Milton Mason <>
Subject: Re: Question: The Papers of William Penn and Old Renters
Date: Mon, 09 Mar 1998 14:57:53

I do not know if they were microfilmed/fiched, but the 5 volumes at my
library are
F 152.2 .P3596-- they are in general circulation and can be checked out.

There is a William BUCKMAN tract shown on the 1681 Map (p. 651) and also on
the 1688-89 Blackwell Rent Roll (p. 690).

The only other mention of a BUCKMAN in vol. 3 (the only one I have checked
out) is a Ruth BUCKMAN on page 40, where it is noted (footnote #2) that
Richard HARRISON, s/o James HARRISON 1681 immigrant from Lancastershire,
married Ruth BUCKMAN in Nottingham, Bucks Co. in 1687-- but note this is
just vol. 3.

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>I would also be interested in finding a Microfilm for the Papers of William
>Penn. I have been told that my ancestors the Buckman's and Strawn's were
>quite close with him and are also in these papers.
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