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From: Booboopies <>
Subject: Quakers and Portraits (was Funeral Portraits)
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 1998 08:51:16 EST

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<< It is, however, unlikely that Quakers, being averse to portraits and
making much of ritual of any kind would have done any of these this >>

Hi, Julie,

I quite agree that Friends were averse to portraits. Most drew the line at
silhouettes. There are silhouettes for numerous Friends such as Henry and
Elizabeth (Sandwith) Drinker and Sally Wister.

However, there are exceptions, notably Margaret Hill Morris, a New Jersey
Friend, whose portrait was painted when she was 16 years old (c. 1757).
Another portrait was painted of her at age 78. The latter may have been a
portrait painted from the artist's memory after her death. This information
comes from a book entitled _The Gardening Book of Margaret Hill Morris_ by
Nancy Webster and Clarissa Dillon, published by the American Horticulturalist
Society. The Book is a reprint of Margaret's gardening diary for, I believe,
the year 1801 and contains information on what she was planting Dillon) as
well as some genealogical background (Webster).

Karen Mullian

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