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Subject: Re: [MONTREAL] Obituaries in Montreal Gazette of March 3, 2011
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Hi Malcolm

Coming through just fine! Good work, well done and appreciated!

Rob in Thunder Bay

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Subject: [MONTREAL] Obituaries in Montreal Gazette of March 3, 2011

* indicates that the obituary is accompanied by a photo
e – Year of birth estimated from age
For details of recent obituaries, go to http://www.legacy.com/can-montreal/Obituaries.asp

DELLA PORTA, Vincent (Jimmy) (1923)*

FABIAN, Anne (nee Nagy) (e1925)*

HEIKKILA, Martta Saarela (1928)

McLELLAN, Robert (1926)

NICHOLL, Christopher Iltyd Hubert (1922)*

O’CONNELL, James (1926)

PELLETIER, Audrey (nee Freill) (1932)

SEARLE, Ruth (nee Wright) (1932)

SNOW, Anne Marie (1939)

TODD, Winnifred (1927)



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