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Subject: Re: [MONTREAL] CANADA census after 1911
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2007 19:02:37 -0400
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Contact your Member of Parliament is one way!
They always want to be re-elected if there is an election,
and this is how we obtained release of the 1911 census.

The wording of the YES/NO question was not really in
"Canadian English or French" -- Dr. Ivan P. Fellegi is from
Europe so phrased it his way - I thought it was oddly worded.
Muriel M. Davidson
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Subject: Re: [MONTREAL] CANADA census after 1911

I have to add up something to this...

Am sure people didnt understand the simple question, for them it was the
whole questionnaire they didnt want to be public....wages, addy

I know one fact regarding security, a lot of young couples dont advertise
anymore the birth of their child because of kidnapping..

Now the major highlight of your comment June is, we have to find out the
real truth concerning the possibility that census was sent to the States...
if this is true well that is a real shame..Who will tell us????


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Subject: Re: [MONTREAL] CANADA census after 1911

> Morning all..
> It certainly is food for thought offering those who marked no or just
> left it
> blank to have another form to change their decision and much to think
> about
> the reasons they marked no in the first place. I think many factors were
> involved
> in their NO reply, not just a simple no to the census for the future
> search.
> I have run across answers in my family search that I must respect and
> accept.
> One aunt does not want her name included in the family ... her only
> statement was
> "don't put my name down nor any of my family, do what you want with you
> name but
> I don't want my name all over the internet, enough agencies have
> information already".
> Now I can understand how she is feeling because her husband died and so
> many
> bills left unpaid with her having to apply for credit having no income of
> her own and
> insufficient funds to cover everyday living.. so with ALL the forms
> needing to fill out with
> all her personal infor given over and over again...
> Personal present day situations may play a big part in the no reply on
> the census.
> People I have spoken to are "sick to death" of having all their info known
> to anyone!
> Go to the grocery store for a points card and they say "thank you
> Mrs. ---" .. your name
> is on the card,,,,,, and the receipt!
> Try buying clothes for children--it is not enough that the clothes are for
> age exempt and
> are too small for most adults, you must fill out your name and address and
> reason.
> Then there are the surveys in stores that ask for your postal code.. leads
> directly to
> your house. Try getting your babies picture taken and they ask for the
> birthdate!
> With all the children stolen and identity theft and everywhere one
> goes someone
> is asking for personal information... many see this census as yet another
> government form.
> And I have heard rumours that this last census taken did not even give
> our own
> Canadians work.. but that it was shipped to the US to be typed and
> recorded for us
> [and possibly a copy for their government].
> Rumours that credit agencies can get any financial information they want
> with just your
> name.
> Then there is the statement -- my family knows who we are! If this is
> true then
> why don't "I " know my family?
> Maybe we need a "private" census instead of a government one. A form for
> just what
> genealogists are looking for omitting the financial information. I don't
> know if that is
> even possible but somehow people will need to understand there is great
> healing in
> knowing your ancestors.
> June in BC
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