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The way the law reads is that both sides have to put in a demande
(request) to be found. In your case, one of the parties on each side. I
was not adopted but was brought up in an orphanage and boarding schools.
When I turned 50 I found out that my mother had conceived at least 5
children. I began my search through Centre de Services Sociaux on
Maisonneuve in Montreal. The children's dob's ranged from 1945 to 1957.
I have now been reunited with all of them. All five of us that is...
The laws changed after I found the last one which incidently was
miraculaously found through the internet, a site called CANADOPT. You
should register there. The new laws are severe. There are no open
records there. But you would be amazed on how many adoptees are
searching as well as the non-adopted folks looking for their blood
relatives who were in fact adopted.

I would be more then happy to try and do some legwork for you. I will
study your data and see if I can locate anything for you.

I show 15 Weinbergs living in Quebec Province. Have you contacted any
of them??? Oh.. And btw, these people who advertise that they can find
someone for a fee. Forget it....It cost me the price of phone calls,
gas, stamps, and lots of tears but I prevailed. Do any of the records
mention a FATHER BOYLE or FRERE BOYLE involved with the adoption??


Be Kind..... We "Could" Be Related!!!

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Dear Olivia,
My heart broke when I read your email. Have you thought about hiring
someone from the Montreal area who could search records for you?
Perhaps you could find extended family of Dorothy Wineberg's and start
from there. Quebec had a very intricate way of record keeping. Most of
the records were kept in the parish (church records)and not documented
civally. The Montreal Library would have records from this time. I think
that your only hope would be to have someone look up records for that
time period. There are researchers that are for hire there. And I stress
researcher, no one else. I am sorry, that is all that I can offer. I
wish you the best of luck in your search. Carol Clements-Sprott, Kenora,
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Subject: [MONTREAL] Dorothy WEINBERG, 1951

> Dear List Members,
> Allow me to introduce myself.
> I'm Olivia REVITS, the widow of Alan Jay REVITS, born Montreal
> September
> 1951 to Dorothy WEINBERG and her husband, who was not Jewish and
> whose
> I do not know.
> Already parents of a daughter under 5, they were in the process of
> separating when Dorothy conceived Alan. She could not afford to keep
> him,
so instead
> put him up for adoption.
> A New York couple, Lily COHEN and Murray REVITS adopted Alan the
> moment he was born in a private home in Montreal; adoption was
> finalized in Montreal court in 1952.
> Alan died July 7, 2003, leaving 3 sons, 27, 24, and 22.
> His adoption was sealed, the adoptive mother refused to discuss any
> more than what is contained in this post, and in 2004 I hired private
detectives from
> the world famous Florida-based company, but even they failed to find
> so
> as a shred of information leading to Dorothy.
> Won't some kind soul come forward with information that could help us
> find his sons' biological Mother and relatives? They are bereft of
> family.
> Please help our family. Thanks in advance for anything big or small.
> Sincerely,
> Olivia Revits
> Phone: 732-741-4391
> Email: (mailto:)
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