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To Ashley Purtle:?? Will you kindly send your email address, so I can forward you your lineage?? I have your descendents back to Lawrence Jacob Purtle, b. 1855 (and even farther back, if you wish).?
Sarah Rhodes

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My name is Ashley Purtle. I am trying to put together a family tree for my
family. I do not have much information but a few names. If you have any other
information or dates it would be much appreciated!
Here is what I have:
My mom: Jennifer Kay Hammer
Dad: Perry Todd Purtle... siblings are Val & Davin Purtle
Granparents (fathers side):
Dr. Perry Purtle married Joyce Marie Crowell
Dr Perry Purtle's mother and father were John Albert Purtle (called Ted for some
reason) and Norene Madge Pickard. They both lived their whole lives in Hempstead
County Arkansas as far as I know.
Joyce's parents were Elias Hoy Crowell (called Hoy) and Violet Lee Chandler. He
was born in North Carolina and she was born in Bingen, Arkansas.

I dont know if this will help but Dr. Perry's mother's father was (Papa Pickard)
English and his wife (I think her name was Leora but they called her Mama
Pickard) was American Indian.

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