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Notes on Luke

1782 Service Pay Mar.
1783 Duplin Co. Tax. List 1783-1815
1784 Jul 6 Service Pay Others
Moved from Duplin Co NC to Ga about 1790 per Records copied from Folks Huxford Files-
Homerville Ga.
He probably had brother Mark and David... see below.
1790 RECONSTRUCTED 1790 CENSUS of GA by Marie DeLamar & Elizabeth Rothstein
(Marie lives here-Elizabeth died-lived here-book can be obtained from REPRINT)
1797- GEORGIA GOVERNORS' JOURNALS 1789-1798, Bulloch county Mark Prigeon appointed
Justice of the Peace )9 FEB 1797 Mark Pridgeon was elected Coronor. elected 13 DEC 1797.
1805 Jury List Mark Pridgen Tatnall Co. Ga.
1817 Nevils Creek Baptist Church Bulloch Co. Ga. Church Minutes
Luke Pridgen deceased Roll of 1817 Box 31 Draw 30
Ass. Tax. Capt. Gillaspie's Capt Wallers Capt. Stallings
Luke Brigin 8
Clifton Bowen
Dan Bowen 45
Elijah Bown Sr 64
1817 Jul 17 Amelia Pridgen guardian of Susy Ann Bulloch Co. Ga.(wife of Luke)
Luke and Mark are listed Effingham Co. Huxford Records
1820 Census William in Mont Co. Ga.
1820 Census Records Bullock Co Ga David B NC a 1755-60 11***1*12*114
Also Amile *******1**19 Luke ***1*81*1**9
1820 census Telfair Co. Ga..Luke 1 m 1-10 1 16-26 1 26-45
2 f 1-10 1 10-16 1 26=45
Thomas Pridgen 1 m 1-10 1 26-45 2 f 1-10 f 10-16 1 26-45
David's Issue--heirs in 1827
J m Jacob Summerlin
female m John Gay
(This is Winiford m 26 Apr 1825 Bulloch Co Ga by Elisha
Sumerline J.P. from Marriage Records of Bulloch Co Ga 1796-1875 by Alvaretta Kenan Register
female m James Holloway
female m Benj. Turner...
1827 David drew land in Lottery..residing in Bullock Co Ga.
Mannings--Washington--161-3-3 Sec. 3 Troup Co. Ga.
Elizabeth widow-Burnetts-Bulloch-257-3-1 Sec. 1 Lee Co.
Luke -orphans of Burnett's Bulloch 87-7-1
Matthew--Wilsons-Jasper 46-1-4 Sec. 4 Coweta Co.
Robert-Hammacks-Jones 41-9-2 Sec.2 Muscogee
1830 Census shows David in Bull, Edwin (Elavin) in Wsh, James and William- ! ! Bts.
James in Hry, Roberts in Jones (mine) and Matthew in Cow.
1840 Census shows William in Carr, James in Harr, James in Deka, RJH, R in
Rya, Robert in Macon (mine), Moses in Irwi. Edwin Wash.
1850 shows Robert in Macon (mine), Aniel (Amile) in Bull (also in 1820) Nw in
Clar, James H in Wash,Edward in Wash, and E W in Baldwin.
To Schreven from Duplin after the Rev. War according to one record.

There was another Elizabeth Pridgen married to Thomas Beesley 6 Dec 1812
in Bulloch Co Ga. This would seem to place another Father there also... as well as maybe a son
who stayed in Bulloch and later had children marry... WIlliam M m Levonia Dixon 6 Apr 1871 by
Solomon Akins and Moselle married John A Waters 26 Nov 1874 by Madison S Lanier JP...
Anyone interested in this Pridgeon family should study the Lanier family of the same area.
They were JP's and grooms for this family several times.
He moved to Telfair Co. Came to Ga with Bowens from Duplin. Applied to land the same day
together 5 Jul 1784. Pioneers of Wiregrass Ga. V2 P 41.

And on the above note..a Prodigy note from Gracy Waters Prodigy BBJD03B on Jun 4 1993 says
there is Lanier info by Louise Ingersoll which included Pridgeon in most libraries? She mentions
George W Pridgen in Coffee Co son of William and Margaret who later moved to Irwin Co Ga.
From Pioneers of Wiregrass Ga Vol Berrien Co...present day Coffee Co and that
George W married Mary Merritt dtr of Luke Merritt... I am not sure if this family ties in since her
notes were on both.

1850 Census in Bulloch Co Census Index finds Mitchael Pridgeon and Amila Pridgeon (note
different spelling here) -non head of household living with other families-this latter from Larry
Wiggins,1400 L. Jefferson Dr. Homestead Fl. . 33035 who descends from Luke Pridgeon.
Lines of Luke through Susannah and Salitie (however you spell it ((marriage record shows
Celete)) belong to Rebecca Lanier Lowe 2123 Howard Mill Rd N Augusta SC 29841.

Notes of Judi Kelsey (Mrs David Kelsey Prodigy CVBT61A) say she is the descendant of Duplin Co
Lewis Green Married Elizabeth Pridgen in Bulloch Co Ga 1825. Her Father was David Luke of
Maybe Just Luke Pridgen of Duplin NC who m Amelia Bowen. David's Father may have been a
James--no other info...except b 1775. Dated 11-18-93.

Jane Thompson Prodigy #VMHR65A in her July 94 Note sayd her ancestor William had a letter to
Rev. War Pension Board that said his dtr. Elizabeth along with her husband Abram Sellers, his
grandson Luke, the son of his son Matthew, and his grandson Mark, the son of his son John and
others from Bladen took off to Ga and we have siblings John, Elizabeth and Matthew and
first cousins

Mark Pridgeon, Abram Sellers and Luke Pridgen going to Ga and Al. I am going to assume that
this Luke born 1775.

Pedigree of Berta H. Johnson P O Box 415 Cross City Fl 32628 shows her descendant of
Benjamin Lanier and Sarah Pridgen.


1860 Ga Index
Arvilla Bull
E W Bibb
Edwin T Wash
George Coff
Isaiah Bull
Mitchel Bull
Thomas C Musc
Robert Tayl
Ann Chat
Enoch G Irwi
Jemima Irwi
William Irwi
James R Tayl
(Robert is my ancestor with James Ruffin being his son)

Query of Mrs. M.F. Gross Box 297 Alamo Ga 30411 Family Puzzlers #1109 page 13 Jan 20, 1990 (I wrote her Jan 25,90, and she never answered)
Needs Information on Mitchell Pridgen of Bulloch Co Ga who m Rebecca Bland dtr of Wm. Bland of NC. Mitchell d 1861 in Civil War..Their known children were:
James b 1843
William Madison b 1846 m Louvenia Dixon 1871
Adeline b 1854
Moselle b 1857 m John A Waters
Would like any inforation on Pridgen family of Bulloch Co (and I sent her all I had..still no reply) Who were David,James and Luke Pridgen who received land grants in Bulloch Co in 1805. Luke m Amelia Bowen. Are they related to
Other Pridgens were in Montgomery Co Ga in 1823. William was a JP, Luke and
Thomas F Attended court that year. Was Mark Pridgen of Telfair Co related to

Probably a Brother to Luke is James Pridgeon b 1775 who was in Burke Co Ga
He had sons Luke,Mark or Bullock and Madison Co Ga..had sons David and
William..? These notes are not clear. Line follows son David b 1805 who was
in Madison Co 1850 m #1 Wealthy and #2 Sara who had son John E Pridgeon.

1805 Family Heads of Ga..Mattox (to be filled in later..gotta LOOK!)
Time line Pridgeon-Pridgen-many other spellings
1808 Nathaniel brought here by Parents--born Montgomery Co NC He was four years old. Father William? Baldwin Co 1812.Nathaniel married Polly Willoughby
dtr. of Wm. in Clarke Co Ga. He owned land Coweta, Oconee and Morgan Co.
Ga. (note later Baldwin property sale)
1812 William on Tax record
1820 John, Luke,David,Luke,Thomas,Wm in Ga
1827 Robert (who had to be an adult by this time) sold land in Jones Co Ga.
(to be filled in later)

Bertha J Johnson P O Box 415 Cross City Fl. 32028 also has one of these early
Ga Pridgen's. (I'll add which one later-not on this chart I worked up)

All records agree that Francis Pridgen of old Pridgen's Point Chowan Prct.
Chowan NC is the first ancestor...b 1666.
One of his known children was Matthew b 1692.
One of Matthew's known children was William b Jan 27 1732 in Duplin Co NCd
1855 Rev. Sol..Yes, over 100 years shown on record..who married Sarah
Elizabeth Taylor/ Known children Mary,Sarah,Thomas, John, Frances,
Hannah,Elizabeth, Matthew, and WIlliam.
Frances m Mary SIkes, Elizabeth m Richard Johnson.
Line follows John Frederick b a 1794 New Hanover m Mary Jane Moore and their 18 children..Line of Jane Thompson 3206 Cherry Tree Lane Prez Raca Ky 40059
Have letter of Nov 6, 1928 from Katie B Pridgen of Albermarle NC regarding
pension file of Wm b 27 Jun 1732 Duplin...when he enlisted etc.
Have note from Jane Thompson Jul 94 says her line is Frances, Matthew d 1798,
Frances b 24 Oct 1794 , John Frederick b 24 Oct 1794 , Charles B ca 1829-9,
Luther Wright b a 1870 New Hanover Co NC, Robert Wright b SC 1898.
Jane in in Ky. From 1920 Sou Gen. Exch Quarterly Allen Wright Pridgen b 10 Mar 1814 NC d 1877 Coffee Co Al m Sara Elizabeth Johnson Mrs. Christeen O Connell Rt 2 Box 636 Dade City Fl. 33525.
Jane's Prodigy # was VMHR65A..and I say was because I am no longer on.
William was of Isle of Wight from Linconshire Eng 1674.
Frances had other children William,John and Hardy on one chart. FGS shows
Frances b 15 Dec 1760 Bladen which was taken from New Hanover Co 1758
m 20 Oct 1790 d 21 Nov 1840 New Hanover m Mary Sikes dtr John of Bladen Co and Mary Meredith...children Frances,Jeptor,John Frederick, Isiah Peter, Francis Melvin,Matthew, Mary,Anna,Thomas Jefferson, Elizabeth,Wm Stephen,
Hannah,Jane,Alfred S and James Jackson.
Then we carry Frances line to William and Mourning, Thomas and Martha Ruffin
..Thomas b 1740 d 1790 Dubbs Co NC Pvt NC and his son Ruffin m 1791 Dorcas
Smith to children Ethelred, Nancy, Smith,Thomas,Winnifred...
Etheldred b 1792, Nancy b 1798 Smith b 1802 etc.

Deed Bulloch Co Ga Records..Pg 206-7 19 Sep 1809 R 2nd Nov 1809 Luke Pridgen, planter, Bulloch Co Ga sold to Jesse Slater, same for $218, 109 acres alid out from a tract of 150 acres granted to said Pridgen. Signed Luke Pridgen and Amelia Pridgen.
Wit: John Everitt, J and Arthur Kerby.
Pg 207-8 28 (month omitted) 1808 R 12 Nov 1809 Luke Pridgen sold to Jesse
Slater for $500, 250 acres. Signed Luke and Amelia Pridgen. Wit. Arthur Kerby,George M Henderson.
Of This family is WIlliam Arnell Pridgeon b 11 Nov 1910 Maysville NC m 4 Dec
1940 Kingston NY Augrey Doris Le Ferver b 11-24-1911 issue Wm Pridgen b 20 Sep 1942, Russel Eugene Pridgen b 9 Oct 1943 Barbara Gail Pridgen b 31 Mar notes of Berta Johnson of Cross City Fl Sep 20, 1994.
Line of Larry Wiggins 1406 L LJefferson Dr Homestead Fl 33035 and Rebecca
Lanier Lowe 2123 Howard Mill Rd N Augusta SC 29841. (2 dtrs.)
Luke Pridgen received in Effingham Co. 300 acres in 1794, in Screven Co. 250
acres in 1798 Bullock Co 65 acres in 1801.
Clinton Sampson Co NC COurt House Records Bk 12 p 186 Luke Pridgen bought
land--from Kate Bunn Pridgen of Charlotte NC.
Duplin Co NC Marriage Records Luke Pridgen married Elizabeth Mathis 20 Jul
Cherokee Gold Lottery in Ga 1832 Luke listed in Bulloch CO.
From Dorothy Ann Folmar Oct. 11, 97 says one Luke of Bulloch was deeded land by his father William Pridgen. Since the Other Luke is his son, This Luke is probably the son of William.!He went to Ga. according to Grandfather.
DAR #60384 NC Rev. Sol. Patriot Index.
Probably his line....James and Mitchell of Bullock Co. Ga. CSA.

Carol on Pridgen list says a marriage for Elizabeth Pridgen and Thomas Burley Dec. 6 1812 license issued Bulloch Co. Ga. Marriage of Winifred to John Gay 26 Apr 1829

MARTHA, thanks. I should have explained that I was looking for LEWIS BOWEN
and his parents and also our DICEY SELLERS parents and what happened to
these kids and who raised them after she died ca 1820.


CLIFTON BOWEN born 1735 DUPLIN CO, NC (probably new hanover then)

Several of these BOWEN, PRIDGEN, SELLERS families from Sampson/Duplin/New

ANY HELP appreciated sorting out families.
marie, iowa

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> > HAS ANYONE traced the KIDS of DICEY SELLERS = begotten by
> BOWENS, etc and
> > printed in SAMPSON CO, NC minutes?
> > DO we have LATER county minutes on these families?
> > WE need WHO these kids are in 1850 and before.
> > WE need her census info.
> > WE need LEWIS BOWEN family info?
> > ====
> > FEB 25, 1820 SAMPSON CO, NC
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> > FEB 21, 1820=
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> > FEB 23, 1820=

Amelia I show child of Clifton Bowen Grandchild of Clifton, G G of Samuel GGG of Obediah

Luke I show son of Matthew
Notes on this Matthew
1775-Page 156 Book 7 Sampson-Duplin Co Deeds 1780-1794 Book 7-9
Page 156 Book 7 Jacob Bradbury to Jane Fryer dates Sep 22 1780 Land granted to Thomas Rogers Mar 2 1775-
Witness Matthew Pridgen and bordering his land.
1788-Page 222 Book 8 William Register to Thomas Coggin 2-11-1788 Part of where Matthew Pridgen now lives.
Made over to William Register 1-11-1779 Witness Thomas Register and Matthew Pridgen (Different Deeds-2
parcels deeded)
1790 Census-Bladen Co NC
Pregion John 1 0 4 0 0 Pregion Mathew 3 1 2 0 0 3 males over 16-1 male under 16 2 females-wife and one more-probably No slaves or others.

1813-2 Nov 1813 Land Grants Bladen Co NC Deeds Abstracts of Early Deeds 1738-1804 by Holcomb To Mathew
Pridgen 4 acres on SW side of S River about 300 yards s of the State Road adv. land of W H Beatty.Page 10 60 27
Mar 1833 Stephen E Anders of Leon Co Territory of Fl to James M Anders Power of Attorney to receive from the
executor of Admin. of Matthew Pridgen dec'd all my portion of the estate of Mathew Pridgen, Witness Thomas
Sikes Pk.
1818-Matthew will 13 Sep 1818 Bladen Co NC (Bladen CO NC Abst. of Wills 1734-1900 by Campbell) shows sons
Stephen,Timothy,Evan wife Hannah, dtrs Catherine, Elizabeth,Jannet ex G W Bannerman,Enoch Herring WItness G
W Bannerman, Thomas Sikes???
In the name of God Amen.
I Matthew Pridgen of the state of North Carolina, Bladen County being in perfect mind and memory thanks be given unto God calling unto mind the mortality of my body and reviewing? that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament. That is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul unto the hands of almighty God and my body I recommend it to the earth to be buried in a decent Christian manner at the discretion of my Executors nothing doubting but at the resurrection I shall receive the same again by the Almighty power of God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me with in this life, I do dispose in the following manner and form. I devise that the ___of my property may be dealt with in this manner after my death. Viz.
Item.I give and grant unto my two sons namely Stephen and Timothy all the lands I purchased of Evan Anders..Stephen to have one upper part of said land and Timothy one lower part and the grist mill equally between them.
Item.I give and grant unto my son the plantation where I now live and all the lands adjoining thereto containing two hundred and twenty four acres.
Item. I give and grant unto my wife Hannah all my Negroes, stock of all kind and household furniture of all kind to school and support my children and while she remains a widow until the youngest becomes of age and then to have an equal division between the heirs. Should she marry before the youngest child becomes of age, then must be divided all the perishable property except the negroes.
Item.I give and grant unto my three daughters viz. Catherine, Elizabeth and Janet one hundred dollars to each of them ready money that is now in the house which I had be put up in interest to their use and benefit.
In witness whereof I have herein set my hand and seal this 13th day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighteen.
GW Bannerman Enoch Herring
I leave as Executor to my Last Will and Testament Matthew Pridgen Seal
Signed Sealed in the Presence of us GW Bannerman, Thomas Sikes
(I show Luke died the year before)

This Matthew was a Rev Sol. and His Father I show as Matthew who had, I am remembering- 7 sons in the Rev. and lived to be over 100- Born 1706 died 30 Oct 1809 probably son of our Progenerator- Frances son of William.

Notes on this Matthew
LES E FORGET, our Melvins and Kin by Lionel Dane Melvin
MARRIAGES & DEATHS 1763-to 1820
Matthew Pridgeon 103 years d South River, Bladen co NC Served in Revolution wih his 7 sons, at siege of Portobello in 1765, was father of 14 children, his wife is alive and healthy at 100 CM 10-30-1809

1717- Jan 15, 1717 Luke Prior of Duplin Co NC planter to Mathew Pridgen of same,planter for 1 70 proc. in Bladen Co Wit John Yarborough, James and William Pridgen. Prov. by William Pridgeon Nov Ct.
1750- He patented 300 acres New Hanover per The Pridgen Family of Wilson Co NC page 124.
Bk 1 pg 462 3 Matthew sold Land Sampson to Benj. Register 25 Oct. Both of Duplin.
Sampson-Duplin Deeds Book 1-3 1750-1774 Max R Peterson Jr
1758-Apr. 11 455 Matthew to david Jones 100 acres mentions Abraham Sellers by Arthur Dobbs by patent
dates 3-13-1758 Recorded Sec. office at New Bern. Witt. Henry Hollinsworth, Wm, Edward and Edmund
1758-Apr. 25-Sampson-Duplin Deeds Book 1-3 1750-1774 Max R Peterson
Carter Note Pg 457 Matthew to Isaac his son by Wedlock 4-25-1758 given 400 acres granted by Patent 1745
1760-Oct. 25 109 Obediah Lasiter to Matthew Pridgen 160 acres
1760-Aug 18 Matthew to Wm. Reives 100 acres
1765-Oct. 25-Book 1 412 Matthew to Benj. Register 200 acres granted Matthew by Honarable Mathew Rowan Esq
Prsident & Commander in Chief by Patent with Mathew.
312 Mentions Matthew
1771-Deed p 213 15 Jan 1771 Luke Prior of Duplin Province (Planter) to Matthew Pridgen of aforesaid County
(Planter) 70 lbs. proc. money. 320 acres plantation on the west side of South River adj
. lands of George Moore. Pat. by George Moore in 1750 and conveyed by him to Moses Tyler and by will of Tyler
conveyed to Needham Tyler and by Needham Tyler to Luke Peior. Also 100 acres on W side of Black River adj.
former place of Othiel Strahan. Wit. John Yarborough, James Yarborough, William Pridgen. Nov Court 1771.
Maturin Colvill CC.
1771- (See above) Luke Prior of Duplin Co NC planter to Mathew Pridgen of same,planter for 1 70 proc. in Bladen Co Wit John Yarborough, James and William Pridgen. Prov. by William Pridgeon Nov Ct.
1778-Book 6 213 Matthew Sr & Jr 160 acres granted to Wm. Stewart by Well Beloved Arthur Dobbs patent 3-13-
1779-Jan 1-Matthew Sr to Wm. Register 70 acres witness probably Lube, Peter an John Pridgeon
1779-Jun 12-6 375 Thomas Rogers of Annove prov. NC to Jacob Bradbury mentions George Bell, Matthew
Pridgeon, George Robins, and Harvel's line-witness George & Elizabeth Powell?
1788 Tax List Bladen Co. NC
Pridgen Peter 150 3
Pridgen John 1
Pridgen Mathew 370 1
1798- Lest we Forget states that Matthew came fo Duplin and purchased from Luke Prion 320 acres of land on
Black River where later the point was known as Pridgen's Landing, and as announced in Hall's Wilmington
Gazetteer of 29 Mar...Matthew died at his plantation on Black River Mar 1 1798 at the age of 105. P1 column 4
(Available at NC Archives-newspapers-and Hanover Co Library-Wilmington)
1809-Death Notice Oct 30 1809 Died on South River in Bladen Co NC Matthew Prigden
Stites Esq. age 103 years. He was father of 14 children, seven at seige were Rev. Sol and he himself was a
soldier at seige of Portobello in 1765. His wife is nearly 100 years in good health. Columbian Museum &
Savannah Advertiser

Marriages and deaths 1763 to 1820
10-30-1809 (CM is newspaper code)
1813-Nov. 3--Bladen Co Deeds 547 3 Nov 1813 Josiah Sikes Jr to Wm H Beatty $293 3 tracts of land 183 acres being
part of a survey patented by Geo. Moore on 13 Jun 1750 and conveyed by him said George Moore to Moses Tyler
and by him in his last will to his son Nedham Tyler and by him to Luke Pryor (Prior) and by him to Matthew
Pridgen & lower part from James Pridgen to Jisiah Sikes..on west side of Black River near Pridgens landing. Wit G
W Bannerman, WIll G Beatty. Nov Term 1814 J S Purdle CC.

Sorry, I did not make it to the Thanksgiving Dinner, or I would have gladly varified all this with Luke!!

I would appreciate you sharing what you have on the children- I show 8. Marriages of All. More on Lanier's etc.

Ms.Gerry Hill- Hoping to tie to old Matthew OR SOMEONE- one day

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> Have been offline for the holiday and would like to add my ancestors.
> If I could have a Pridgen Ancestor for Thanksgiving dinner, it would
> definitely have to be my gggg grandfather
> Luke Pridgen, who married Amelia Bowen.
> Maybe he could answer the question as to who were his
> parents and sibling, because I have not been able to locate them.
> Suzy Lamb

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