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From: Go&Do Miltenberger <>
Subject: [PRATHER-L] Re: Benjamin Franklin Prater/Prather of TN
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 1998 12:51:36 -0800

Hello to all

I have been keeping up with everything on the list so to speak while recouperating from surgery.

Alas I see no dates for George Washington Lafayette Prater so here are a few dates , etc. that may help.

When was G.W.L. Prater born, I don't recall seeing anthing about that.
There is another family of Praters in East TN: Thomas Prather of Greene.
Another Prather in East TN: William Prather of Knox Co TN estate in 1827 -
the relationship to BFP is really not known!

Supposedly from E. Stout Lillard many years ago a Prather/Prater researcher of note thought that BFP of Roane Co TN was a s/ of
William Prather s/ Johnathan Prather IV and up until recently no one has questioned this.

The 1827 estate of Wm. Prather of Knox Co TN shows " by cash paid Benjamin Prather on a note". Benjamin Prather is not listed
as one of the heirs byt a John Prather, Mary Branham and a William Prather are listed as receiving their share - there is no
will for this estate that we can find.

In 1972 I placed a manuscript in the Knoxville TN McClung Library titled:

Descendants of
Benjamin Franklin Prater
29 April 1772 - 30 May 1851
Nancy Eliabeth Layne
1777 - 3 March 1833

With the help of a cousin Clara Prater Smith who collected data in East TN from the descendants, through correspondence with
descendants, research in court houses, cemeteries, repositories, interviews, etc. I have much documentation and then of course
had to rely on what people sent to me about their grandparents, parents, siblings, etc. I published this on a small scale in

Benjamin Franklin Prater and Nancy Elizabeth Layne had a grandson who wrote:

"My great grandfather Prater married a Wyat in Pinnsylvania. year unknown. He moved near the corner of North Carolina and Tenn.
year unknown. There were four children - Wm. and Benj - girls names unknown. My grandfather was the youngest of these children.
Benj F. Prater. He married Nancy Layne. year unknown. There were seven children - Sam - Thomas - Wm - Gep -Betsoe - Lutica -
Clearicy. The second child was my father. Thomas Prater married A Browder. year unknown. TYhere were six children Five boys and
one girl. Derias - Nancy E. - Benj - John Jefferson - Jas Monroe - Wm. A. This completes the lineage as perfectly as I am able
to recall.
J. J. Prater Dec. 15-1920."

J. J. Prater was born 17 October 1828 Roane County TN and moved to TX by 1880
Issue of Benjamin Franklin Prater and Nancy Elizabeth Layne I have more data on these people and their descendants. Benjy and
Nan are buried in the Prater Family Cemetery on their property now Loudon Co TN

1. Samuel Prater born 14 October 1800; md. first Isabella Blair,
md. second Mary S. Wright
2. Thomas Prater born TN died 1842 aet 40 y 7 m 19 d; md. Julia Browder

3. Elizabeth S. Prater born 1804; md Alexander K. Ish - she moved to near Waco TX
4. George Washington Prather - yes Prather - b. 1806; md. first Martha M. Love
md. second Lucretia Patience
Quinn Lambdin
George Washington moved to Henry Co TN then to near Waco TX
5. Clarissa Prater b. 1811; md. Josiah K. Johnston
6. William Prater b. 1811 [discrepency in dates of birth of Clarissa and William]
,d. Mary Blair Leeper
7. Letitia Prater b. 1816; md. first Josiah Findly Danforth
md. second Daniel Dorsey Berry
md. third Lewis A. Powell
Letitia and Josiah moved to Missouri settling in Greene Co -
she made numerous trips to TX during the Civil War
issue of first marriage of Samuel Prater to Isabella Blair [ no issue second marriage]
1. James B. Prater b. ca. 1820; md. first Mary Jane Galbreath
md. second Mary McDonough
2. Benjamin Franklin Prater born 8 January 1822; md. Malinda Frazier Hardin
3.Hugh G. Prater b. ca. 1824; md. Elizabeth G. Jane Warren
4. Elizabeth Jane - no further information - no one in the family seemed to
known anything else about this person
5. Nancy Ann - the same as for her sister Elizabeth Jane
6. Isabella M. born 21 September 1830 died 1844 - tombstone in Prater Family
7. Alexander Lafayette born 8 January 1832; md. Sarah Jackson

issue of Thomas Prater and Julia Browder

1. Samuel Darius Browder Prater b 1822 died unmd
2. Nancy Elizabeth Prater b. 1824 md. first James Madison Leeper
md second George S. Gilbert
3. Benjamin Franklin Prater b. 1826; md. Harriet Amanda Pitner
Moved to Dalton Whitfield County Georgia - md. Amanda at the Pitner
plantation there in 1852
4. John Jefferson Prater b. 1828; md. Margaret Jane Simpson
moved to Tarrant Co then Grayson Co TX by 1880 - he wrote data
about his family as cited above
5. James Monroe Prater b. 1831; md. Sarah Adelia Carter
6. William Alexander M. Prater b. 1834; md. Mary Anne Bussell

issue of Elizabeth S. Prater and Alexander K. Ish

1. Andrew Jackson Ish b. 1830; md. Susan L. Henderson
2. Nancy Elizabeth Ish b. 1835; md.Dr. James B. Lackey
3. Hester Anne Ish b. 1837; md. Benjamin Franklin Welcker
4. William Danforth Ish b. 1839; md. Isabell McFaddin
5. Benjamin Alexander Ish b. 1841; md. Ann Eliza Eichelberger
6. Josephus Faldeus Ish b. 1843 died Civil War

issue of George Washington Prather and first wife Martha M. Love
1. Eliza Prather b. 1834; md. Dr. Christopher Coleman Taliaferro
2. Julius Prather b. ca. 1836; md. Susan Galloway
3. Mary Josephine Prather b. 1841; md. first Nathan B. Peeples
md. second Richard Price Rowell
4. Benjamin Thomas Prather b. 1845; md. Mary A. Drahn
Issue of second marriage of George Washington Prather and Lucretia Patience Quinn Lambdin

1. William Lambdin Prather b. 1848; md. Frances hart Kirkpatrick
2. James Carter Prather b. 1849 md.Agnes Temple Harris
3. George McDonald Prather b. 1856 died unmarried

issue of Clarissa Prater and Josiah K. Johnston

1. Nancy Prater Johnson b. 1833; md. William E. Snead
2. Loutitia Johnston b. 1835; md. James Askew Wright
3. Sophronia Johnston b. 1837; md. Archibald Bacome
4. Elizabeth Caledonia Johnston b. 1842; md Henry Clay Peake
5. Clarissa Josephine Johnston b. 1844; md. first Dr. James B. Lackey
md. second John Walton Holton
6. Susan E. Johnston b. 1845 died unmarried

issue of William Prater and Mary Blair Leeper

1. James A. "Thomas" Prater b. 1837-1840; md. Artie Almyra Abernathy
2. William Hugh Benjamin Prater b. 1842; md. Mary Gaines Lee
3. George William Prather - yes Prather - b. 1846; md. Elizabeth Sara Brooks
4. Mary Cordell Prater b. 1849 died unmarried

issue of Letitia Prater and Josiah Findly Danforth

1. Sarah Roan Danforth b. 1832
2. Benjamin P. Danforth 1834 died unmarried
3. William Danforth b. 1836
4. Mary Roan Danforth b. 1838; md. first John Nathaniel Campbell
md. second William McKerall
5. James Findly Danforth b. 1845 died unmarried
6. Alexander Fremont Danforth b. 1847
7. Josiah Greenlief Danforth b. 1849; md. Priscilla Ann Sanders

issue of Letitia Prater Danforth and Daniel Dorsey Berry
1. Alexander Russell Berry b. 1852; md.Louisa Matthews

The will of Benjamin Franklin Prater is very specific and each child is accounted for
p. 252 of my manuscript:

"James Prator, Benjaman Prator, Hugh Prator and Lefayette Prator
William Prator and Alix Ish in their one right and as executors of the Last will and testiment of Benjaman Prator decd,
Elizebeth Ish Daniel D. Berry and Letitia Berry George W. Prator Josiah K. Johnston and Clearissa Johnston and Nancy
Gilbert Benjamon F. Prator James Prator John Prator and William Prator."

1. James, Benjaman, Hugh and Lefayette are surviving issue of Samuel Prater s/ BFP
2. William Prator is a s/ BFP
3. Alix Ish and Elizebeth Ish are d/ and son - in - law of BFP
4. Daniel D Berry and Letitia Berry are d/ and son - in - law of BFP
5. George W. Prator is s/ BFP
6. Josiah K. Johnston and Clearissa Johnston are d/ and son - in - law of BFP
7. and Nancy Gilbert is d/ Thomas Prater s/ BFP
8. Benjamon F., James, John and William Prator are sons of Thomas Prater s/ BFP

remembering that John Jefferson Prater wrote about his lineage that were seven children of BFP and NEL we have accounted for
all of the children.

Dolores Shepherd Miltenberger

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