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From: Barbara Neal <>
Subject: [POYTHRESS] Northampton Co, NC estate Poythress-mentions
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 16:53:29 -0600

I suspect the below-mentioned "Thomas Poythress" was the one in Meredith's
line, who so-briefly here showed up in Northampton Co, NC (across the
stateline from Mecklenburg Co, VA) before heading down to Georgia.

David B. Gammon's "Records of Estates, Northampton County, North Carolina:
Volume I - Accounts, Sales and Divisions 1781-1801" and "Records of
Estates, Northampton County, North Carolina: Volume II - Estates Found in
Court Records 1792-1816"

Gammon notes that Northampton Co was formed out of Bertie Co in 1741, making
it one of NC's oldest counties, and that "unfortunately, many of its early
records are not extant," though he notes that "the wills and deeds are
virtually the only extant continuous records for the first four decades of
the countiy's history." In these two volumes of abstracts (Vol. I being 122
pp + index, and Vol. II being 99 pp + index) he included all names found,
including buyers at sales.
= =
Gammon's Vol. I lists various Poythress sightings, from the estate
records of other people. In Gammon's 1987 Index to this volume, he lists 3
alternate spellings, as well as the Poythress entries below:
- Portice - see Poythress
- Portis - see Poythress
- Potress - see Poythress
- Poythress, Hardimon, Hardin [sic], James, Odam, and Thomas are found in
these estate records, with names spelled as indicated. Most of these were
found by Gammon on the indicated page numbers in the original volume of
"Northampton Co, NC Inventories & Accounts of Sales of Estates, 1781-1793,"
and with the later volume for the final entry below indicated there. Many
of these Poythress entries were as Buyers at estate sales, where Gammon's
abstracts do not indicate what was being purchased or for what price.

-- p.53: estate of Francis Drake - Inventory June Court, 1784 by Morris
Floyd, admr. Account of sale Mar. 24, 1784 - Buyers included: HARDIMON
PORTICE, and JAMES PORTIS. The other buyers, some of whom have surnames
familiar to this general area of NC-VA, were Arthur Hart, Nathl. Doby,
Jeremiah Reams, Joseph Vassar, Josiah Reams, Thos. Williams, Willm.
Lewis, Jno. Mitchell, Rowland Ellis, Kinchen Peterson, Morris Floyd,
Hardy Scott,, James Lewis, James Cooker, James Crew, Saml. Davis, John
Eger, John Peterson, John Johnson, Eaton Haynes, Noel Waddell,
Barthow. Ellis, Willm. Mitchell, Henry Cock, Hezekiah Hough, and James
Heathcock (I note we saw the surname of Heathcock/Hathcock for two of John
Poythress' brothers-in-law -- Edmund, whose wife was Anritta; and Newman,
whose wife was Winifred -- in the petition filed in 1792 attempting to get
John's Administrator, his brother Hardimon, to distribute the estate to
widow and siblings.)

-- p.156 estate of James Sexton - Account of sale June Court, 1787 by
James Hathcock, admr. Buyers included HARDIMON POYTHRESS, and JAMES
"POINGS?" [While Gammon did not index this James' questionned-surname as one
of the "see Poythress" items, it is unusual enough that I wonder about it.]
Other buyers were: Jno. Hathcock, Wm. Hathcock, Rowland Ellis, James
Hathcock, Sarah Hart, James Norton, Isaac Edwards, and James Binford who
Gammon notes "purchased 100 acres of land." This page's entry re this
estate also included an Account Current June Court, 1787 by the admr. Money
was paid to James Norton, William Norton, John Hathcock, William Jean,
and Celia Sexton.

-- p.269 estate of Ransford Flowers - Account of sale Dec. 10, 1789.
Buyers included ODAM POYTHRESS and HARDIMON POYTHRESS. Other buyers were
William Short, Samuel "Wornum?," William McGrigor, Alexander Love, Lucas
Tomlinson, Randol Scott, John McGrigor, Benjamin Woodruff, Lime
Sandifer, Robert Merrymoon, John Narsworthy, William Moughan, Jones
Glover, Benjamin Glover, Mark Williams, Mary Chapman, William Mitchell,
Lemon Land, Andrew Crew, Isham Johnston, John Sandifer, John Horton,
John Binford, William Jean, John Hardin, Rowland Ellis, Thomas Moughan,
Peyton Moughan, Batt Ellis, John Short, William Stark, Jesse Mitchell,
William Glover, Henry Brewer, James Crew, Thomas Williams

-- p.421 estate of Isham Johnson - Account of sale Dec. Court, 1791 by
Henry Vinson, Deputy Sheriff. Buyers included HARDIN [sic; likely this was
Hardimon] POYTHRESS and ODAM POYTHRESS. Other buyers were Wm. Johnson,
Jr.; Wm. Johnson, Senr.; John M. Binford; Abraham Artis; John
Watthorpe; John Sandifer; John Roberson; Joh Lufsey; James Daniel;
Rebecca Lufsey; Sterling Harris; Sally Kemp; Thos. Avent Fox; William
Horton; William Starkes; Nichs. Prince; Willm. Lenair; James Gowen,
Jr.; William Sikes; John Borwn, Jr.; Henry Vinson; Isham Moore; Wm.
Morgan; Jos. Mitchell; Mattw. Key; Arthur Allen; William Glover; Elias
Roberts; Henry Hancock; Jesse Mitchell [who was Administrator on fifty
pounds Bond for the estate of Hardimon Poythress]; Robt. Peebles; Benja.
Glover; Wm. Roberson, Jr.; William Collier; Chas. Thomson; Willm.
Brewer; Moses Collier; James Gowen, Sr.; James Gowen; Joseph Vasser;
John Short; Balam Emery; John Roberts; John Epps; James Daniel; Saml.
Davis; John Harden; Lew. Smith; Saml. Pass; Moses Johnson; Sally
Johnson; Willm. Short; Thos. Johnson; John Fox; Willie Morton; John
Peters; James Binford; Michl. Vinson.

-- p.433 estate of William Granberry - Account current from Mar. 1790 to
Mar. Court 1792 by Wm. Granberry, exr. Listed are many people who "Money
was paid to" including "_______ POTRESS" and many surnames, none of which I
recognize. One surname I do recognize is in the listed item of a note due
the orphans of Wm. RUFFIN which money was paid to Marmaduke Norfleet. Also
listed were numerous people who "Money was received from" none of whose
surnames I recognize.

-- "Northampton Co, NC Inventories, Accounts of Sales & Accounts Current
1797-1801" p.334 estate of Robert Crow - Account current from Jan. 1796 to
Mar. Ct. 1801 by Benj. Williamson, exr. "Money was received from" [which
money could have been received at any time during that Jan 1796 to Mar 1801
period] THOMAS POYTHRESS, Jordan Mosley, William Moseley, P. Reede,
Grey(?) Washington, Ben Dancy, and Jno. Moore. During that same period
"Money was paid to" the following, including some surnames familiar from VA
deeds with Poythresses: James Carter, Edwin Starke, Calep Manning, James
Brown, Abba Ghold, Tos. Moore, Asa Barnes, Saml. Moseley, John King.
= = =
= = =
Gammon's Vol. II lists only two Poythress items, both in the section of
his book re [Estates Found in] Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1792-1796:

- Hardimon Poythress: Administration grtd. Jesse Mitchell, Mar. Ct.,
1796. [Bpn note: see separate message containing my transcription of
Hardimon's Estate papers from Northampton Co, NC Estate Papers]

- John Poythress: Administration grtd. Hardimon Poythress, June Ct., 1792.
Inventory by the admr., Sept. Ct., 1792. [Bpn note: I already posted my
transcription of these Estate papers, on 3/15/09]

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