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From: "Ellen L Martin" <>
Subject: Re: [POWELL] Walter POWELL - Somerset County, Maryland
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 20:45:52 -0400
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My husband also descends from Walter POWELL & Margaret BERRY via their son
John. I have not been able to place Walter's father Here are several
generations as I have them:

Descendants of Walter POWELL & Margaret BERRY/BERRI

1. Walter POWELL (b.1622-prob England;d.4 Feb 1695-w p Somerset Co,Md)
sp: Margaret BERRY OR BERRI (b.1645-,,,Va;m.Abt 1663/1664;b.26 Nov
1679-Pocomoke,,Somerset Co,Md)
2. Elizabeth POWELL (b.1665-,,,Va;d.19 Jul 1746-w pr,,Somerset Co,Md)
sp: Hugh TINGLE (b.Abt 1654-prob,,,Scotland;m.21 Dec
1683;d.1723-,,Worcester Co,Md)
3. Hugh TINGLE , Jr. (b.Abt 1683-Worcester Co,Mm;d.1737-Sussex Co,DE)
sp: Comfort FASSETT
3. John TINGLE (b.17 Jan 1683/1684-,,Worcester Co,Md;d.18 Jan 1737/1738-(w
pr) prob,Worcester Co,Md)
sp: Mary Margaret RICKARDS
3. Samuel TINGLE (b.17 Sep 1684-Somerset Co,Md;d.1721-Somerset Co,Md)
sp: Sarah COBB
3. Sarah TINGLE (b.1695-Worcester Co,Md)
sp: Charles COLLINS (m.Bef 1723)
3. Mary TINGLE (b.8 Mar 1684/1685-,,Worcester Co,Md;d.Aft 19 Sep 1717)
sp: Samuel COBB (d.21 Sep 1717-(w pr) prob,Worcester Co,Md)
3. Margaret TINGLE (d.Aft 1762-,,Worcester Co,Md)
sp: Richard HUDSON (m.Abt 1703;d.1763-prob,,Worcester Co,Md)
3. Stephen TINGLE (b.21 May 1689)
3. Jane TINGLE (b.19 Jul 1690)
3. William TINGLE (b.29 Aug 1692)
3. Elizabeth TINGLE (b.1700-Somerset Co,Md)
sp: John SAULS
3. Daniel TINGLE (b.1704-Somerset Co,Md;d.Aft 1757-Somerset Co,Md)
sp: Catherine RACKLIFFE
2. Mary POWELL (b.3 Jan 1668/1669-Pocomoke,,Somerset Co,Md;d.Abt 1733-w
pr,,Somerset Co,Md)
sp: Walter EVANS
3. Powell EVANS (b.Bef 1728)
3. Gammage EVANS (b.Bef 1728)
3. William EVANS (d.1741-,,Worcester Co,Md)
3. John EVANS
sp: Priscilla
3. Margaret EVANS
3. Marierey EVANS
3. Elizabeth EVANS
2. Sarah POWELL (b.1671-Pokomoke,,,Md)
2. William POWELL (b.12 Jun 1673-Pocomoke Riv,,Somerset Co,Md;d.22 Jun
1715-w pr,,Somerset Co,Md)
sp: Elizabeth or Eliza LANE (b.6 Mar 1682-Somerset Co,MD;d.Aft 1719)
3. Levin POWELL (b.Abt 1689;d.23 Aug 1764-w pr,,Somerset Co,Md)
sp: Rachel TULL
3. John POWELL (b.Abt 1700-,,Somerset Co,Md)
sp: Elizabeth or Betty BRITTINGHAM (m.Abt 1720)
3. William POWELL (b.Abt 1703-"Greenfields",Pokomoke,Somerset Co,Md;d.May
1788-,,Pr William Co,Va)
sp: Eleanor PEYTON (b.Abt 1720-,,Stafford Co,Va;m.Abt 1735/0036)
3. Margaret POWELL (d.Bef 1718)
sp: William HOLLAND (d.1732-,,,Md)
2. Sheriff/Justice John POWELL (b.27 Sep 1674-Pocomoke,Somerset
Co,NWC,Md;d.8 Jun 1718-,,Northampton Co,Va)
sp: Sarah YEARDLEY (b.Abt 1675-,,Northampton Co,Va;m.1697;d.19 Nov 1718-w
pr,,Northampton Co,Va)
3. Sarah POWELL (b.Bef 1718;d.Bef 15 Feb 1764)
sp: John HAGGOMAN Sr (m.Abt 20 Jul 1720;d.Bef 10 Jan
1764-prob,,Northampton Co,Va)
3. Rose POWELL (b.Abt 1700;d.Aft 1761)
sp: Michael CHRISTIAN Dr. (b.Abt 1700;m.7 Dec 1722;d.Bef 1736)
3. Yeardley or Yardley POWELL (d.1734-intestate,,Northampton Co,Va)
3. Mary POWELL (b.Bef 1718;d.1733-w pr,,Somerset Co,Md)
sp: Thomas JOHNSON III (b.Abt 1715)
3. Margaret POWELL
2. Margaret POWELL (b.22 Feb 1675-Pocomoke,,Somerset Co,Md)
sp: Henry SCHOOLFIELD (m.1695;d.Bef 1718-,,Somerset Co,Md)
3. Henry SCHOOLFIELD , Jr. (d.1777-,,Somerset Co,Md)
sp: Leah ADAMS (m.27 Nov 1746)
3. Margaret SCHOOLFIELD (d.Aft 1780-,,Worcester Co,Md)
sp: Thomas SELBY
sp: Nathaniel MADDOX (m.Bef 23 Aug 1716)
2. Catherine POWELL (b.25 May 1678-Pokomoke,,Somerset Co,Md;d.Aft
1708-Pokomoke,,Somerset Co,Md)
sp: William WHITE (b.1673-prob,,Somerset Co,Md;m.Abt
1698;d.1708-,,Somerset Co,Md)
3. John WHITE
3. Rose WHITE
sp: Thomas EVANS (m.Bef 1723)
3. Sarah WHITE
sp: William MASSEY (m.Bef 1723)
3. Katharine WHITE

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Subject: [POWELL] Walter POWELL - Somerset County, Maryland

> Regarding List Housekeeping - Please keep me subscribed as I am still
> looking for the parents of Walter POWELL, born bet 1620 - 1642 and died
> 27, 1695, of Somerset County, Maryland. One researcher posted the names of
> his parents as Captain William POWELL, born about 1577 Southwarke Parish,
> Surry County, England, and his wife Elizabeth WELLS, born about 1577
> England. I cannot find proof as of this time. My notes indicates three
> branches of POWELLs in America; 1) John POWELL family of Old Rappahannock,
> Essex, Caroline, Orange, Culpeper Counties in Virginia and Orange and
> Counties in North Carolina; 2) Robert POWELL family of Caroline, Culpeper
> and Orange Counties in Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama and Kentucky; and
> 3) Thomas POWELL of Essex, Caroline, Orange, Culpeper and Amherst
> Virginia. With this information, how did my Walter POWELL get to Somerset
> County, Maryland? Is he of any of these branches?
> The POWELLs are my husband's maternal line and the following direct
> descendancy was, in part, generously given me by a distant cousin:
> Walter POWELL (b. bet 1620-1642 - d. 6/27/1695) married Margaret BERRY (b.
> 1621 - d. 2/4/1694-95). They had:

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