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Subject: Re: Richard POPE, Sr. b.c.1590 Bristol, England (1 of 2)
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 03:15:22 EST

Scotty Kent Burleson
<We can put our information together and seek input from the list members of
Pope List. I want the complete and error free data on the Pope line as I hope
to print it or include it in a web site at some point.>

Response to Scotty Burleson:
<I wonder if your Richard was my Richard, Jr? It sure seems possible...>

<Can anyone help me with more information about this POPE line? Does anyone
know who Richard POPE, Sr. married? Any help would be greatly appreciated.>
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I've got a large amount of material relative to this family. I am providing
this in response to Scotty Kent Burleson () and Lynda
(). I am also sending it to the POPE-L list as it may have
material of interest to many of the POPE researchers. It will be sent in 2
E-Mails (1 of 2 and 2-2), same subject and looks like it will be sent in a
couple days.

David Pope ()
2407 Hodges Bend Circle
Sugar Land, TX 77479

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Reference: Some Colonial and Revolutionary Families of North Carolina, Vol.
1, Compiled By Marilu Burch Smallwood of Washington, Published by The Author

The following records were copied from a pamphlet, "The Name and Family of
Pope", compiled by the Media Research Company" of Washington, D.C.: The name
of Pope is believed to have been of Latin origin and to have originally meant
'father'. It is thought probable that the name was taken into England about
the time of the Roman occupation of Britain, in the year 465 A.D., or before.
Certainly there was a town called Popeham (home of Pope) prior to the Norman
invasion of England in 1066... Families of Pope were early situated in the
counties of Oxford, Sussex, Kent, Devon, Dorset, York, Herts, Salop, Suffolk,
Cornwall, and Northampton, and in the city of London. They were for the most
part of the landed gentry and yeomanry of Great Britain.... Of the
Oxfordshire line of the family, Thomas Pope was living in the year 1287 and
is believed to have been the ancestor of John Pope, who married in the early
part of the 15th Century to Grace Simpson, by whom he had issue William, who
was the father of John and Thomas, of whom the first was the father of a son
named William, who was created Earl of Downe and Baron of Beltirbet,
Ireland. This William was the father of Thomas and William of whom the second
had a son named Thomas who succeded to the family titles and estates after
the death of his uncle without male issue but left only female heirs
himself.... There is evidence that the family of the famous poet of the early
eighteenth, Alexander Pope, was of the same stock as that given above. His
immediate ancestors, however, resided in London... Of the Suffolk Co branch
of the family, Ralph Pope was living at the beginning of the fourteenth
century and was the father of at least one son, Sir William Pope, and
probably others, including John Pope, who was living in Suffolk in 1367. In th
e following century Thomas and Robert Pope were the heads of families in that
Co. Of the Sussex line, Thomas Pope of the fifteenth century had issue by his
wife Jane Weston, of John, who was the father of Edmund, who had Nicholas,
who had Thomas and John. Of these last-mentined sons, Thomas was the father
of Ralph, who died about 1621, leaving several sons. Although it is not
definately known in every case from which of the many lines of the family in
England the early American emigrants of the same name were descended, it is
generally believed that most, if not all, of the Popes derive from a common
European ancestor, of a remote period. Probably the first Pope to come to
America was Thomas, who came to Plymouth, Mass., about the year 1630. In
1637, he married Ann Fallowell, by whom he had at least one child, named
Hannah. By his second wife, Sarah Jenny, whom he married in 1646, he had
issue of Seth Sussannah, Sarah, Thomas, Joanna, Isaac, John and Patience.
John Pope, who came from Devonshire, England about 1633, made his home at
Dorchester, Mass. He was the father by his wife Jane of John, Patience,
Nathan and possibly others. By a 2nd wife named Alice, he is believed tohave
had another son named Thomas. Some family historians assert that he was
accompanied to America by his brothers Thomas and Joshua... In the year 1634,
one Walter Pope was living at Charlestown, Mass. It is believed that he was
the father of several children.... Joseph Pope who appears to have been a son
of Robert Pope of Yorkshire, England, came to Salem, Mass. in 1634. He was
followed shortly by his brother Richard, who probably stayed only a short
time and then returned to England. Joseph was the father by his wife Gertrude
of eight children: Demaris, Hannah (died in infancy), Hannah, George, Joseph,
Benjamin, Samuel and Enos. Another early settler was Ephraim Pope of Boston,
who was the father by his wife Anne of at least two children, Elizabeth and
Ephraim and probably others. Another John Pope resided at Dorchester at an
early date and had issue by his first wife of four sons: Thomas, William,
Ebenezer and John. By his 2nd wife Margaret he had further issue of Margaret,
Sussanah, Thankful, Ralph, Alice, Jane and Joseph. The greater number of the
Southern families of the name are believed to be descended from Nathaniel
Pope, who emigrated to Virginia about the year 1664. He was the father of
Nathaniel, Thomas and Ann, many of the descendents of whom made their homes
in Kentucky and GA Others of the name who were living in America at early
dates but whose records are not complete were Thomas of Suffield, in 1687;
John of Springfield in 1678; and Thomas of Virginia and Kentucky, in the
latter part of the Eighteenth Century... Among the Popes who served in the
Revolution were Lieutenant Colonel Charles, of Delaware; Colonel Edward of
MA; Lieutenant Colonel Frederic, of MA; and Colonel John of Virginia. Joseph,
John, Thomas, Ralph, Ephraim, Walter, William, Samuel and Isaac are some
Christian names most favored by the family for its male progeny. One of the
best known of the several coats of Arms which has been granted at various
times to the Pope family is described as follows. (Burke, General Armory,
1884) ; Arms ... 'Or two chevrons gules, turned up ermine, and heraldic tiger
statant argent, tufted, maned, collared, ringed, and lined or,' Bibliography:
C. H. Pope. The Pope Family 1888; Anderson. Genealogy and surnames 1865;
Hunter, Pope 1857; Savage. Genealogical Dictionary of New England. 1860; F.
L. Pope. Ancestory of Captain Ebenezer Pope. 1882; Meigs. Meigs and Other
Families. 1906; J. W. Pope. Pope Genealogy, 1875; Field. Genealogy of the
Pope Family. 1879; W. Pope. Genealogy of the Pope Family. 1862; Wheatland.
Pope Family. 1868; Heitman. Officers of the Continental Army. 1914; The
Americana. 1934; Burke. General Armory. 1934.
"The Du Val Family of Virginia" by Mrs. Bessie Barry Grabowski. Page 219:
"The daughter of Nathaniel Pope I, who was the second wife of JohnWashington,
the first settler (who came over with his brother Lawrence Washington, from
Lancaster, England...Nathaniel Pope II married a Miss Smith of Williamsburg,
VA, and at his death 'Pope's Creek' was sold and his children scattered. His
son William Pope moved to Farquier Co, VA, his son John moved to Dumfries
Prince William Co, VA, John Pope, son of Nathaniel Pope I went to KY...
(Note: Some of the DuVals moved to Edgecombe Co, NC. They intermarried with
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Reference: Colonial Families of America by Lawrence (Do Not Copy), v. 15.
Copy @ Clayton Genealogical Library, Houston,TX, 973.2 L422 USA. (This book
is old and the library has restricted photocopying.)

The Pope family is English in origin. The name was probably derived from
the Greek papas and Latin papa. "The priest who slays the sacrifice". It may
have also been introduced to England by the Saxon's, whose Bopp, of similiar
meaning, is believed to have Roman or Argan derivation's. The word has been
variously spelled: Poppe, Pop, Popp & Pope.
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Reference: Seventeenth Century Colonial Ancestors Copies @ Opelika AL Library
and Clayton Genealogical Library, Houston, TX 369.12 H985 USA
John Pope (1615-84) MA; m. Sarah---.
Humphrey Pope (1645-95) VA; m. Elizabeth Hawkins.
John Pope (1675-1725) MA.; m. Elizabeth Pope;Mourning McKinnie
Nathaniel Pope (1610-60) VA; m. Lucy---.
Seth Pope (1648-1727) MA; Deborah---.
Thomas Pope (1608-83) MA; Sarah Jenny.
William Pope (ca 1634-ca1700) VA; m. Marie---.
Henry Pope (1742-90)NC; m. Tabitha Appleton.
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Reference: Pioneers of Massachusetts by Charles Henry Pope
Copy @ Clayton Genealogical Library, Houston,TX, 974.4 P825

Thomas, cooper, Plymouth, taxed in 1632; house-lot granted in 1636; volunteer
in the Pequot war in 1637; constable, 1645; proprieter at Plymouth and
Dartmouth (MA.) Gave receipt to George Bonum 30 Oct 1652. Removed to
Dartmouth about 1674. He married July 28, 1637, Ann, daughter of Gabriel
Fallowell; he married 2, May 29, 1646, Sarah, daughter of John Jenny.
Childen, Hannah b. in 1639, (married Joseph Bartlett,) Seth born Jan 13,
1648, Susanna born 1649, (married Jacob Mitchell,) Thomas born March 25,
1651, Sarah born Feb 14, 1652, (married 1, Samuel Hinckley, 2, Thomas
Huckins,) John b. March 15, 1653, died July 1675, Joanna born about 1657,
(married John Hathaway,) Isaac.
Will dated 9 Jul 1683; aged. Bequethed to son Seth and grandson, Thomas; to
grandson Jacob Mitchell, daughter Deborah Pope and other daughters; son
Issac, not yet 2 years old. Probated, 2 Nov 1683. ("Son Isaac, not yet 2
years old," the age being apparently a simple typographical error for "21".)
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Reference: The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633,
Volume III, P-W. Copy @ Clayton Genealogical Library, Houston,TX, 974.4
P825, page 1496-1499

Thomas Pope: In his will, dated 9 Jul 1683 and proved 2 Nov 1683, Thomas
Pope bequeathed to "my son Seth as an addition to what I have formerly given
him ten shillings in money, also I give to my grandson Thomas Pope all that
my twenty-five acres of upland and two acres of meadow lying and being on the
west side of Acushenett"; "my son Seth shall ... pay three pound sterling
unto my grandson Jacob Michell when he comes to the of twenty-one years", to
"my daughter Deborah Pope five pound in money and to each of my other
daughters five pound apiece in money, also my meadow lying at the South
meadows in Plymouth or the value of it I give to be equally divided amongst
all my sons and daughters"; to "my son Isacke all my seat of land where I now
dwell with all the meadows belonging thereunto," except that if he die before
twenty-one years without an heir, this land to go to "sons of my son Seth";
son Isaac to be residuary legatee [MD 18:130, citing PCPR 4:2:50].
The inventory of "Thomas Pope of the town of Dartment late deceased, "taken 4
August 1683 by Thomas Tabor and Arthur Hathaway, totalled 274, of which 130
was real estate: "the housing and the seat of land belonging thereunto, "
100; "25 acres of upland and 2 acres of meadow lying on the west side of
Cushenett River," 10; and "7 acres of upland and 7 acres of meadow at
Plymouth, 20 pounds [MD 18:131, citing PCPR 4:2:51].
At court on 6 Oct 1659, Thomas Lettice and Thomas Pope for abusive carriages
[PCR 3:173]. On 5 Oct 1663 he and Gyles Rickard, Sr. were presented for
striking each other [PCR 4:48]. On 7 June 1670 Thomas Pope was fined for
vilifying the ministry [PCR 5:39]
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Emigrated from England to the U. S. in 1631 and lived in Plymouth, MA.
Believed to be the branch of the Pope family descendents migrating to
Mississippi. Jacob Pope (1760), Sampson Pope (1790), Henry Pope, (1815),
Jacob Pope (1820).
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Reference: GEDCOM ac17, submitted by Clara J. Maddox, 5467 Lakedale Rd.,
Roanoke, VA 24018, 703/774-2436.

The will is dated July 9, 1683. The inventory is dated August 4, 1683. Refers
to him as "of Dartmouth". The will appears to have been probated at Plymouth
Nov 2, 1683.
He refers to self as aged and weake of bohy but yett in prfect understanding
and memory. He leaves F3 to his grandson, Jacob Mitchell when he comes of
age. Doesn't mention Thomas Mitchell.
Mayflower desc XVIII 129-132 (1916) gives a deed from him to his son-in-law,
Joseph Barlett, who married his daughter Hannah. Dated July 1678. He refers
both to himself and to his son-in-law as wine cooper and own residence as
Dartmouth. Thomas Pope exchanges land at Lakenham in the township of Plymouth
with Robert Ransome for 25 plus 2 acres at Acushenam. Mayflower descendent
XVII:42 (1915) XIX :24 (1917) XXIII:149-52 (1921).
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Reference: (Can't locate the reference for below.)
Emigrated from England to the U. S. in 1631 and lived in Plymouth, MA.
Believed to be the branch of the Pope family descendents migrating to Mississi
ppi. Jacob Pope (1760), Sampson Pope (1790), Henry Pope, (1815), Jacob Pope
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E-Mail dated: 2 Oct 1999,
Subject: Re: Sarah Pope and Clement Minor

I am descended from John Pope m M. Harsnett/Haisnoth/Halsnoth
Thomas Pope m 2) Sarah Jenney
Seth Pope m Deborah Perry
Susannah Pope m Jonathan Hathaway
John Pope m M. Harsnett/Haisnoth/Halsnoth
John Pope m Elizabeth Bourne
Deborah Pope m Cornelius Tobey
Regards, Susan
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