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From: "Jan Prygoda" <>
Subject: Re: [POLAND] Telephone directory
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 11:26:10 +0200
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With 15 times Przygoda in Mielec I guess this represents about 40-50 inviduals in Mielec. That's already pretty close to 57. Starochowice with 28 telephone listings would represent about 100 indivuals or about 15-20% of the people listed in the surname index in the Kielce province.
I have never spoken with my paternal grandfather. They were killed in the second world war in the Soviet Union. I was born over 20 years later. My father said once Mielec or surrondings but he also said that he was from Tarnopol while Wierzchowce is 30-40 kilometres south of Tarnopol. If they really were from Western Galicia Mielec is likely as Swietokrzyskie was not Austrian in 1900. I still keep Eastern Galicia open as I see many with the name Przygoda in the German teritories and there is something with Czes' pow.. Kopyczynce listed with my aunt born in 1911 in a list published in Africa in the war.
Another question, my father always said he was at Technical Gymnasium before the war. How far away from Chorostkow/Wierzchowce would one have to go to attend a Technical Gymnasium. Is Chorostkow big enough to host a Technical Gymnasium ?

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Van: Dennis Benarz
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Onderwerp: Re: [POLAND] Telephone directory

Hi Jan

Polish telephone directories (including the online directory) are structured
so that you must know province, city/town/village, and surname. If you enter
Mielec as the "miasto" (city/town/village), the results will be only for the
incorporated city of Mielec. Neighboring villages such a Zlotniki and
Cyranka will not be included in the results. The directories are very
location specific and no "metropolitan area" directories (which mix the
listings of multiple towns together to form a single list) exist to my

Further, telephone subscribers are protected by Polish privacy laws This
means that only those persons who have expressly agreed to appear in the
directory can be found there.

This makes the use of Polish telephone directories somewhat difficult as a
research tool unless you know the exact place to look. However, because your
grandfather said he was from Mielec, we could easily used the telephone
directory to confirm that Przygodas are indeed still present in Mielec.
Thus, Polish telephone directories should really be used only to confirm
what we already suspect to be true.

It will take a different tactic to reveal the locations of the many
Przygodas living in old Kielce Province.

The 1990 Polish Census results are the number of individuals, not families,
using the surname. So, it is possible that many, most, or all of the 57
Przygodas residing in Rzeszow Province were counted in the Mielec area.

Good luck!


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