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From: "Jan Prygoda" <>
Subject: Telephone directory
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 23:06:54 +0200
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Hello Dennis (and all others I am writing)

I am now concentrating on the Polish telephone directory as the microfilms did not lead to much information yet. I have a question. What does Miasto (City) cover in the Polish telephone directory. I have checked the Przygoda name in
Mielec 15 times
Sandomierz 2
Kielce 2
Tarnobrzeg 1
Starochowice 28
Rzeszow 1
Ropczyce 0
Kolbuszowa 0
I searched Borowa - Przygoda Czermin - Przygoda but nothing comes out. Are the people of Borowa and Czermin included in the telephone directory of Mielec ? I checked Starochowice as I saw a priest being born there in 1962 in who I see some Przygoda features. I wonder where all those 550 Przygoda people in the old province of Kielce are when there are only 2 in Kielce city. Does the name frequency list mention families or individual persons in that province ? If 57 in the Rzeszow province means individual persons it could be that almost all people with my family name live in Mielec. In that case I could perhaps concentrate on Mielec and find out if there is a marriage certificate of my grandparents. There could also be a birth certificate in 1909 of one unknown name male Przygoda.

I have written to the Civil Records Office in Warsaw if they can find my father's birth certificate there among the data of Chorostkow.
By the way, I do not know when my grandfather was born. I can only guess when one of the two oldest sons where born in 1909 and his youngest son in 1926 that the range is about 1880-1890 and that the marriage took place between 1905 and 1909. My father was born in 1923 (and I was born in 1964).

With kind regards,

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Van: Dennis Benarz
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Verzonden: zondag 17 juli 2005 23:48
Onderwerp: Re: [POLAND] Kielce - Mielec ?

Hi Jan

The number of SEKs in Poland in 1990 was underwhelming (with only 24 persons
scattered across 13 provinces using this surname) while the number of SE~Ks
was about 5900. On the other hand, there were over 3900 PRZYGODAs in many
different provinces in Poland, including some in both Tarnow and Rzeszow
Provinces which are the closest to Mielec.

Because surnames emerged spontaneously and independently in different places
in Poland about 400 years ago, it would be difficult to ascertain whether
PRZYGODAs in Kielce are directly related to PRZYGODAs in Mielec. But why
bother to go through the anguish of trying to prove this point? Why not just
take Grandpa at his word? If he said he was from Mielec, I'll believe him.
There are 15 PRZYGODAs listed in Mielec in the online Polish telephone
directory (Polska Ksiazka Telefoniczna) and that's good enough evidence for

So, focus your research on Mielec, particularly with regard to determining
his parish church. Saint Matthew the Apostle (Sw. Mateusza Apostola) is the
oldest parish in Mielec and served Mielec and adjacent villages in 1890, so
you might start there. However, it is not the only parish in Mielec and you
haven't said when Grandpa was born, when he married, and when he emigrated.
Plus, Grandpa might have come from an outlying village near Mielec that was
served by another parish and merely used the place name "Mielec" because it
was the largest nearby town. But, you have to start somewhere and Saint
Matthew would be the logical choice.

Was Grandpa in the aviation field? A lot of small aircraft were built in

Good luck.


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