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From: Debbie Greenlee <>
Subject: Re: [POLAND] Family search
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2005 17:15:05 -0500
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I didn't think your relatives came to the US since you are in the
Netherlands and you have Dutch ancestors. It usually doesn't matter to
which country a Pole immigrates; the process of learning the birth
village is the same. However you didn't mention that your father was
born in Poland and that in itself makes a big difference and saves time.

In genealogy you start with what you know and work backwards. That means
you need to locate your father's baptismal or birth (civil) record. It
should state where your grandparents came from in Poland. You will have
to ask for the complete record however and not just a certificate. You
continue that way, working your way back as far as you want to go.

If you are trying to locate living relatives then once you locate the
appropriate parish you can ask the priest if there is anyone with your
surname still living in his parish.

Keep in mind that any research done for you by the Polish Civil Archives
will cost money and they aren't cheap.


Jan Prygoda wrote:
> Hello,
> My relatives do nothing have to do with the USA. I checked the information at Ellis Island thanks to another person at this list but 33 people who went to the USA do not hive me a clue for a surname that has a frequency of almost 4000 in Poland. Przygoda has its strongholds in the provinces of Swietokrzyskie (550 in the former province of Kielce) and some parts of Slask/Silesia. Mielec is just south of Swietokrzyskie and at the border of the Austrian part of Poland.
> The information I know is that my father was born on June, 24 in 1923 in Osada Wierzchowce which was in the province of Tarnopol. I think the Osada Wierzchowce is Wierzchowce close to Chorostkow. According to the information in the 1929 directory Roman-Catholics from Wierzchowce went to church in Chorostkow. According to the archive database information is available at the civil records office in Warsaw.
> My (late) father told me that an uncle served in the Austrian army and that the family lived in the Austrian part of Poland. When I asked him some more detailed information he said Mielec or close to Mielec. I need to verify this. My grandfather settled in the old borderlands after the Soviet-Polish war of 1920. I need to verify this as I do not know if the oral sources are 100% correct.
> I am going to send an e-mail to the civil records office in Warsaw and I plan to write the military archives in Warsaw as my grandfather could have been a soldier who got land in the borderlands from Pilsudski. Maybe I get to know through this where the family was located before they settled in the Osada Wierzchowce.
> With kind regards,
> Jan
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> Onderwerp: Re: [POLAND] Kielce - Mielec ?
> Jan,
> In order to determine where your ancestors are from in Poland you will
> need to locate records and documentation giving you that information.
> Whether your ancestor's lived in Poland while it was controlled by
> Austria, Prussia or Russia, should not necessarily be of consequence
> depending of course, on exactly where they lived.
> You didn't mention to which country the Przygoda and Sek families
> immigrated when they left Poland. You would need to locate Passenger
> Arrival Records of _that_ country and perhaps citizenship papers as
> well. Their places of residence in Poland should be listed on those
> papers. Once you locate the village name(s) you need to determine the
> parish. Check with this list again. You can then write to the parish or
> check the LDS Family History Library Catalog (depending on the years
> involved) for records.
> Knowing Mielec is involved will probably help later.
> Debbie

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