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From: "Jan Prygoda" <>
Subject: Kielce - Mielec ?
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 23:10:29 +0200

At having found the roots of the Dutch part of my ancestry I am trying to get a grip on the Polish part of the ancestry again.
Last week I was searching at the Polish name frequency page again. My grandfather is aclled Przygoda and my grandmother Sek according to the British and Dutch papers. There are not many people with the name Sek in Poland. I tested if the family name Sek excists as well. The result was overwhelming. This name had a frequency of almost 6000. So I suppose this is the name of my grandmother. My father once told me that his ancestors came from the area of Mielec.
I am trying to verify this but that is not easy. Mielec is in the area which was Austrian before world war 1 so it could be right. Both family names (Przygoda and Sek) are quite strong in the pre 1999 province of Kielce. Mielec could be the southern part of this stronghold although I do not think it was the province of Kielce but in the province of Rzeszow. Mielec is now at the cossroads of three Polish provinces. If Mielec is correct it could be quite funny as my Dutch ancestors are from both sides of provincial borders in the Netherlands.
Could anyone tell me the best way to verify that my ancestors are from the Mielec area ? Unfortunately Poland does not have the nice civil records databases at the Internet we have in the Netherlands (especially the towns I was researching).


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