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Liza -- don't waste your time. First of all, no county or state
authorized birth certs kept in the South before late 1850s for anyone,
let alone any children of color. KY and VA started around 1858-1859.
For TN, you will need to search bible and plantation log books to find a
birth recording for a slave child and existing ones are a scarse
resource. Slaves were baptised as adults, not as children, except in
heavily Catholic areas such as Louisiana and Maryland. Adult slave
baptisms do appear in some church records, but they are rare. My
curiosity is peeked -- how does a child of color have white parents?

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Subject: [POCSOUTH] Birth records in Tennessee 1830s

Would there have been a birth record - perhaps by the Church for a child
with color and white parents - in Tennessee in the 1830s? Would this
have been a possibility?


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