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Pamela -- were you aware that a small part of the 1890 Muscogee Cty, Georgia
federal census survived the 1921 Commerce Dept fire and is a part of the 3
rolls of microfilm containing other remaining "pieces parts" of that census?
Because you have so many surnames from this area, I believe its worth a
review. Good luck. Sandi C.

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Have info from 1890. Researching the following:
Bates Alabama (Prattville)
Clark Georgia (Muscogee)
Dixon Georgia (Muscogee) & Detroit (Michigan)
Fairfax Georgia (Muscogee)
Harris Georgia (Muscogee)
Henderson Georgia/Alabama (Muscogee/?)
O'Neal Georgia/Alabama (Muscogee/Russell)
Thomas Georgia (Muscogee)
Webb Virginia, Georgia (Muscogee) Alabama (Madison & Russell)

Wright Georgia (Muscogee), Alabama (Montgomery)

Pam (Dixon) Bates-Kyle


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