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From: Yvon Cyr <>
Subject: Chat Room for ACADIAN-CAJUN Cousins
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 18:43:29 -0500

Hi Folks:

The following message is posted for the benefit of "new" members of this
PITRE Mailing List and will be re-posted on an ongoing basis.

Every SUNDAY evenings starting at 7:00 PM (Eastern time), all Acadian-Cajun
cousins are invited to meet in the ACADIAN-CAJUN Chat Room located at:


This is your opportunity to "TALK" with all your Acadian-Cajun friends and
cousins. Won't you join in?

PS: If this is your first time "at the party", you may want to arrive a bit
early, in order to have the opportunity to check things and figure out how
to enter the 'Chat room".

PSS: As we all know, the Mailing List is primarily intended for
genealogy-related discussions however, there are times when subscribers
might want to discuss a subject matter not quite suitable for the Mailing
List. Obviously the ACADIAN-CAJUN Chat Room is an excellent medium for this
purpose. While the regularly scheduled Sunday meeting (7:00 PM Eastern) is
a _weekly_ happening for the subscribers of this PITRE Mailing List, keep
in mind that anyone...at anytime...can meet to "talk" in the Chat Room.
Just (privately) send each other an e-mail message and decide what
date/time you want to meet. Then, at the pre-arranged time, click on the
URL address: http://www.acadian.org/chat.html
...and follow instructions there, for your get-together.

PSSS: You must have your Internet Browser (Netscape, Explorer etc.)
java-enabled. If you are not certain how to do this, contact your Internet
Service Provided for assistance.
YVON L. CYR, Facilitator of Rootsweb's PITRE Mailing
List. For details visit URL : http://www.acadian.org/rootsweb.html

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