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Subject: Re: [Phly-Rts] Baby Graves in Archdiocese Cemeteries
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   What do you mean by " Baby Graves"?

    If you are talking about the "Baby Graves" that belong to the Archdiocese you cannot put headstones on them because they are 'mass' graves - graves that hold a minimum of 6 babies and they are owned by the Archdiocese. Most of thes 'Baby Graves' are small plots within Archdiocesan Cemeteries - usually identified by a small monument or an Angel statue.

   If a baby was buried in a privately owned grave within an Archdiocesan Cemetery they can have a headstone because that plot does not belong to the Archdiocese.

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We are looking for others who have experienced difficulty placing a marker
on a baby grave in the Archdiocesan cemeteries.  I have been told by some of
the cemeteries that not allowing a marker has nothing to do with legality,
but it is simply a policy.   In recent years the cemeteries now allow baby
markers because of the insistence of parents (at a nominal fee). Thirty or
40 years ago this was not an option, and the Diocese continues to push back
upon these requests.

I'm looking for comments, suggestions from others who have run into this
policy.  we have been trying to have something done for our daughter for
over 10 years with no results.

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