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I was able to access Barnett's obit by going around genealogybank's search engine hits. The only "new" info on Barnett not provided already in this thread is that the obit states various members of "Ivanhoe Lodge No. 449 F & AM, Court Hamilton No.40 F of A, West Philadelphia Republican Club, and 21st Police District" are invited to funeral. No mention of cemetery (others stated Arlington).

Sometimes on Genealogybank (and I've told them several times) when you do a search you will wind up with this big long list of people's names showing up as one of the hits (this is within the preview of hits).  It's almost gauranteed that this link will not work when you see such a thing. You then have to do a search for that particular issue of the paper (for example Philadelphia Inquirer, dated November 28th, 1910, etc), then with the issue of that day's paper you can click to the left and have all pages show up, then you scroll through the paper to the death notices (mortuary notices), and you can access the info. This is an end around when a link on a search doesn't work.

Ken Milano

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Familysearch has a death certificate for George.  They have him listed as
George "Niel" Barnett but I think it may be George "McC" Barnett???  The
date of birth is listed as Oct. 21, "1910" in Maryland.  At his death on
Nov. 28, 1910 he was 39 years 1 month and 10 days.  His father's name was
George Barnett, born in MD and his mother was Annie Kimble, also born in MD.
The informant was Sadie L.(Could be a G.-maybe somebody can check) Barnett
of 4032 Locust St.  George was buried in Arlington Cemetery on Dec. 4, 1910.

It looks like Sadie probably did remarry.  Again on familysearch, in the
marriage license index for Philly, there is a listing for a Sarah G. Barnett
marrying a Maurice F. Cahn in 1913 (license #299605).

With this info, I was able to find Maurice and Sarah living in Laurel
Springs, Camden Co., NJ in the 1920 census.  Maurice was born 1877 in MD,
his father was born in Germany and his mother in PA.  Sarah G. Cahn is
listed as being born in 1880 in NJ.  Her father was born in PA and her
mother in NJ.  I couldn't find them in the 1930 census but I didn't have
time to do a real good search.

I had the same problem Pat Ingersoll had accessing George's 1910 obit on
GenealogyBank.  There are a couple of interesting articles about George
Barnett's death.  It appears that the police could not identify the body of
the man who killed him and there was some mystery as to why he was killed.

If Harry L. Barnett, George's son, worked for the PA Railroad, perhaps Chief
Inspector Tiano could contact the PA State Archives to see if they have any
records for him in their railroad collections?
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>I found him on the 1900 and 1910 censuses in ward 27 in Philadelphia with a
> wife named Sadie and one son named Harry L. Harry was born in June 1897.
> George  was born in Maryland as were his parents and his wife was born in
> New
> Jersey.
> I don't know what became of son Harry L. -- I don't see him on the 1930
> census--thought maybe he'd be married by then and living in Phila. but
> apparently
> not.
> He does have a WW1 draft card where he lists his birth date as 26 June
> 1897
> and his address as 3609 Sansom St. Phila. and his closest relative as Mrs.
> Morris F. CAHN of that same address. He says his father is from
> Rowlansville, MD
> (not sure of the spelling of the city) and he says his current employer if
> the  Pennsylvania Railroad.
> My guess is that Mrs. CAHN is his mother and that she has remarried after
> George BARNETT's death. I don't find Morris on the 1920 census though.
> Joan
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> In search of fallen cop's relatives
> Philadelphia Daily News
> Chief Inspector James Tiano knows that  Officer George Barnett was a
> tenacious warrior who lost his life in a violent  shootout with a
> suspected burglar.
> But that's about all he knows.
> Tiano and his staff are spearheading efforts to locate relatives of  slain
> officers who are going to be honored during plaque dedication  ceremonies,
> and
> they need the public's help in finding some of Barnett's  relatives.
> Barnett's plaque dedication is set for July 22 at 42nd and  Pine streets
> in
> West Philadelphia, where he died on Nov. 28, 1910.
> Tiano said that despite the passage of almost a century, he's  optimistic
> that someone will recognize Barnett's name and reach out to his  staff
> before the
> ceremony.
> Anyone with information about Barnett  should call Tiano at 215- 685-3655.
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