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You might want to try searching google books under "children's home of
philadelphia". Not sure this is what you are looking for but there are
several listings for a "Western Provident Society and Children's Home of

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> Ken,
> In researching your book, did you come across "The Children's Home of
> Philadelphia" which was supposedly operating during the years around
> 1907-1909?
> Over the years, I have chased down many leads with no results. I am
> looking for an establishment with the EXACT wording. My grandmother saw
> that
> wording on papers and believed that is where she and her brother were
> acquired.
> My grandmother was born in 1903 and her brother was born in 1905. She
> was baptized by her new parents on her 6th birthday in May of 1909. She
> also
> remembered someone saying that her and William were "true" brother and
> sister.
> She remembers little, only skating on a sidewalk, loads of green
> grass,
> and a ride on a trolley with her new mother.
> There were a number of homes in the area. But I found nothing.
> Wondering
> if there was a place with the EXACT wording that she was SURE appeared in
> large letters across the paper.
> We have no surname.
> Best regards,
> Chocy
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