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Subject: Re: [Phly-Rts] Phila, Inq obits 11/15/1896 part 2
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Thank you Debbie for all your hard work.

Could I please have the obit for: Sheridan, Sallie F


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Subject: [Phly-Rts] Phila, Inq obits 11/15/1896 part 2

Harther, Rebecca C
Hepworth Eliza A
Hoffman, Henry C
Jervis, Walter LeMaistre
Jones, Lizzie
Kenny, Mary
Layden, William J
Longcope, Sallie B
Lynam, MAry E
McAllister, Robert E
McKeown, George
 Mcmenamin, Elizabeth
Magee, Elizabeth W
Mason, George W
Maurer, Joseph  Sr
Meehl, Jacob J Jr
Morrison, Joseph
Mullin, Richard
Nixon, J. boyd
Nock, B.A.
Paris, Anna M
Perney, Lewis
Rianhard, Kate
Ring, Harry D
Rodgers, Eliza
Rossiter, Alice T
Schaufler, Caroline  A
Scherer, MAry
Schoener, Joseph T
Shaw, Samuel
Sheridan, Sallie F
Simon, Annie S
Smith , Thomas
Stang, Henry
Stott, James
Stringfellow, James
Umbrine, A. Garfield
Wagner, Captain George
Wallace, Linda Fairchild
White, Joanna B
Wright, Rachel W
the end

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