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An interesting question. I had never considered the problems that this situation could cause for strangers.
Many small streets, such as Water St. are interrupted for various reasons. To us they are one street with gaps throughout their lengths.
There are many streets with this configuration, not only Water St. Streets North of Market St. are North, as in North Water St. and streets South of Market St. are South, as in South Water St.

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I recently had the pleasure of visiting Philadelphia briefly for the first time - a long way from New Zealand, but a wonderful visit as it brought to life so much of my research over the years. As I had just discovered my Grandmother lived with her mother and sister at N.Water Street in 1902, I decided to walk along it for sentiment's sake. I found it on the map quite close to Columbus Boulevard, but it was much shorter than her house number indicated, i.e. 2508. I have since checked the street and number on Mapquest and found another N. Water Street near Kensington Ave and it was most disappointing to find I had been in the wrong area. Can anyone please tell me whether these two streets were joined together in earlier days. They seem to be a long way apart on the map, but why would there be two N. Water Streets, as well as S.Water St on the south side of Philly near the river.

Any information would be much appreciated thanks.


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