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Subject: Re: [PHILLY-ROOTS-L] Oliver Bair Records
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 14:59:50 -0800
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To everyone who is looking for older funeral home records in Philadelphia.
If you live close loan LDS( Mormon) library you can order microfilmed
records from them for many funeral homes in Phila. The price I believe is
now $3.75 a roll to rent the film for 4-6 weeks which you view at their
library near you.

Several years ago I was looking for records from Cushing's, since I live in
CA searching GSP or HSP wasn't feasible so I ordered the following from LDS:

Andrew J. Bair & Son funeral directors, 1843, Filbert St. and 3919 Lancaster
Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
Funeral records
Jan 1903 - Dec 1919

William F. Cushing, Undertaker (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Funeral records 1901-1920

Most were very legible. There are several rolls of film divided between
several year ranges so if you know the year of death.Will limit the # of
rolls you would need to rent.

For a list of all they have go to the LDS site on line and select library
catalog; Do a search under PLACE type in Philadelphia in first box, in next
box type in Pennsylvania.This will give you a screen with two lines
highlighted, select the second one which reads :
Philadelphia,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Then scan down till you see funeral homes select that and it will give you
all the records for various funeral homes in Philly.

Select the one you want and then click on the view notes button. This will
bring up a new screen with the film FHL order number.

Sorry folks I don't do well copying url's.

But this should get you to the Home site for LDS

I hope this helps everyone.

BTW they also have early death records for Philly.

Gwen Renshaw Maurer

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