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Subject: [PHILLY-ROOTS-L] Orphanages
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 21:44:17 EDT

Does anyone know if, when a child was placed in an orphange, with both
parents still living, if some sort of a legal arrangment needed to be made in

My grandfather, James Breen, and his brother, John Breen, were placed in St.
John's Orphanage in 1904. My grandfather was only 6 at the time. Both
parents were still living. Two siblings (girls) and mother went to live with
mother's sister and her husband (Adelaide & Joseph Purfield) in So. Philly.
Not sure if father was living with mother or not. Mother died in 1907 and
father in 1925. I do know, that at one point, my grandfather went to live
with a family in NJ (not a family member, but through the orphanage). I
don't know if their legal guardians were then the Home or still the parents.
If it was the home, would it need to be filed in Court similar to today's
laws? Neither were officially adopted out .....

And, while I'm on this subject, I am trying to find out about a protectory.
I got some information from the Archdiocese Archives regarding this subject ,
but when I wrote to that particular place (info at work so I can't quote
name), my letter and calls went unanswered. Anyone have similar problems in
this area????



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