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Subject: Re: [PHILLY-ROOTS-L] Answer to Michele Lockwood (Philly Roots)
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 20:53:51 -0700
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Thank you for your brief message on the subject. I, for one agree with you.

Charles Lyons Smith
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Subject: [PHILLY-ROOTS-L] Answer to Michele Lockwood (Philly Roots)

Michele: I thank you for your public posting of your opinion. You, as well,
could have written to me privately but chose to write to the entire list. I
am not offended by this. Nor do I have any difficulty expressing myself
either to an individual or an entire list. I feel my words were in no way
unkind and I felt they were relevant to all who would read them. "Unkind" is
a judgment that is your personal opinion. Judging from the overwhelming
responses I received PRIVATELY, my opinion was widely shared. You may
re-read my post to confirm that I did not use the person's name. In fact,
another list member thought I may have meant her and I assured her I did not.
I feel strongly that all of us must be considerate of each other, ask for
help when we need it, provide help when asked and when we are capable of
doing so, and try as much as possible to SHARE the space and time however
overwhelming our urge to dominate the focus. I am interested in hearing a
wide variety of genealogical queries whether or not they are relevant to my
family search. I understand that there is a wide range of experience and
expertise on this list and I do not criticize the novice for his/her lack of
knowledge. It is important to learn how to focus on a particular point
thereby facilitating a solution rather than rambling as one may do in private
conversation. I also share the opinion with many other listers that certain
private information should remain private and only be shared with intimate
friends, a physician, therapist, or, if need be, a hired professional
genealogist who might find certain health information relevant to the
genealogical search. I certainly acknowledge that these are my PERSONAL
OPINIONS and you have expressed yours. I will regret immensely if you
further misinterpret my intention or once again judge my public posting as
unkind. I appreciate and honor your right to express yourself and hope you
acknowledge that same right for me. I am sorry you had a painful personal
experience in the past which may be why you felt the need to come to this
anonymous person's defense. I hope this response will alleviate the need for
further admonition and clarify my intent once and for all. Thank you. I
apologize in advance for the length of this posting lest I be labeled a
"dominatrix" of the list. (Oh dear, have I malapropped here?!) Surely one
infraction is acceptable. I'll make a concerted effort to curb my tendency
to wax eloquent on such an inconsequential issue. If anyone is offended by
the quality or quantity of my text, please feel free to contact me publicly
or privately; I welcome either approach. Sincerely, Anne
Ancestral Surnames: Almond, Bates, Blackburn, McManus, Devlin, McGurk, Mohr.

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