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Subject: Re: [PHILLY-ROOTS-L] DUNSAFE, Drexel Hill, Upper Darby, New Jersey
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 15:23:39 -0400
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This reminds me: does anyone know if there is ANOTHER Arlington Cemetery in
the Philly area, more specifically, in Philadelphia itself Montgomery Co.?
My grandmother had mentioned some of her family buried in an Arlington
Cemetery and a monument to one of them there -- and I thought it was THE
Arlington Cemetery in Va., so I went on a wild goose chase looking for
military ancestors, to no avail.

Coincidentally, my grandmother lived in Ridley Park, right near the
below-mentioned Arlington, but I really doubt that's the one she was
talking about -- all the ancestors of the time she was talking about are
"accounted for" in Ivy Hill Cemetery, in Philadelphia.

Any ideas, anyone?



At 06:57 PM 5/22/00 -0700, Dora Smith wrote:
>Today I learned alot about Nellie Moore Dunsafe.
>She and her husband, George S. Dunsafe, are
>buried at Arlington Cemetery, Landoune Section,
>Lot #68, graves 2 and 3, I think.
>Nellie was buried 7/9/1965, and George was buried
>2/12/1958, according to the cemetery records.
>They had little else. Now that chart prepared
>for the Dehart estate showed Nellie died 1969.
>They also had the Dunsafes' address; 459
>IRvington Rd, Drexel Park. Drexel Park is a
>particularly nice section of Drexel Hill, which
>is a fairly elite section of town to begin with.
>Someone sent me a picture of their house from a
>book, and everyone is telling me it is located
>near Arlington Cemetery. They lived there by
>The funeral home was Spence T. Videon and
>company. I called them, and got a wealth of
>information. They had death certificates and
>death announcements from the paper, as well as
>their own records.
>Nellie DUnsafe died at home 7/4/65, of pulmonary
>edema (fluid in the lungs). Probably this was
>caused by congestive heart failure. She had
>lived in West Philadelphia, which we know, that
>is where 5222 Webster Ave is, and she had lived
>in Drexel Hill for more than 30 years. She was
>born on 1/12/1886; in READING. I'm not sure if
>Reading came from the death certificate or from
>the newpaper article, which said that her husband
>also was born in REading, while his death cert
>says he was born in New Jersey. The funeral was
>officated by Dr. Thomas Buttimer, of Broad St
>Methodist Church, in Philadelphia. There were no
>immediate survivors; Willard was next of kin and
>there was also a nephew in New Jersey (Dunsafe).
>George Dunsafe was an accountant, with Ford and
>Kendig, which was a plumbing supplier, located at
>15th and Callow Hill, in Philadelphia. Don't
>know how that made him able to afford to live in
>Drexel Park. Unless he tipped the minister $2
>provides us with a clue. Atleast, that's what
>the guy at the funeral home SAID; but he died
>before Nellie died! He died at home 2/9/1958, of
>a heart attack. He was born Cedarville, NJ, (or
>REading) and was 73 years old. He attended the
>University of Wharton School, part of the
>University of Pennsylvania, in 1917, and attended
>Temple, which could be a college or a religious
>institution. He had no church membership. The
>same minister officiated at his funeral as at
>George DUNSAFE was the son of Charles Dunsafe,
>and Caroline Shippard, and he had a sister, Mrs.
>Louis or Lewis Diamont, from Cedarview New Jersey
>where he was born if not in Reading, and a
>nephew, Ellis S. Diament, who lived in Woodbury
>New Jersey at 586 CArter Ave.
>The only thing I did find at all genealogical
>about Dunsafe on the web was at, a
>reference to census records on DUNSAFE to 1880 or
>something in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
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