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Subject: Re: [PHILLY-ROOTS-L] Historic Rittenhousetown
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 00:48:44 EST

According to the "Showcase Pages" for Phila. attractions in the front of
the Doylestown (Bucks Co., PA) phone book:
Historic Rittenhouse Town
Site of America's first paper mill
(215) 438-5711

In Phila. phone book (which has no "Showcase Pages"):
Historic Rittenhouse Town
Visitor Center, 206 Lincoln Drive, (215) 438-5711
Papermaking Studio, 211 Lincoln Drive, (215) 843-2228

In a message dated 3/7/00 12:27:57 AM, writes:
<< Does anyone know what Historic Rittenhousetown is? I am told it is
in the Germantown area. Is there an address or phone number?>>

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