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History of the Town of Sullivan, New Hampshire Vol 2


I. An emigrant1 from Ireland had a son named JAMES2 PHILLIPS. II.
This JAMES2 PHILLIPS died in Keene, Dec. 9, 1824, ae. 78, and was probably born
in Ireland. Sarah, wife of James Phillips (doubtless referring to this James),
d. in Roxbury (announced in the Sentinel of Feb. 9, 1822), ae. 78.

1. JAMES3 PHILLIPS, Jr., son of the preceding James2, 11., was b.
in Walpole, Jan. 8, 1787; and d. in Keene, July 10, 1827. He m., Dec. 3, 1809,
in Keene, by Lockhart Willard, Esq., Matilda Smith, b. in Hinsdale, Aug. 4,
1787; d. in Gilsum, June 2, 1876; dau. of Jedediah and Deborah (Dunton) Smith.
Mr. Phillips lived in Sullivan a short time, before and after 1810, on the place
afterwards called the Nahum Nims place, at 159, as a tenant of Lockhart Willard,
Esq., of Keene, who then owned the farm. The eldest child of Mr. Phillips was
born here. He then lived in Keene until his death. The widow then lived with her
children, and died in Gilsum. Mr. Phillips was a farmer. There were eight ch.:

1. GILBERT MELLEN4 PHILLIPS, b. in S., at 159, March 17, 1810; d.
in Keene, unm., April 26, 1841.

2. MARTHA4 PHILLIPS, b. in Keene, Feb. 9, 1812; d. in Gilsum, March
31, 1902; m., Nov. 8, 1831, Lewis Bridge, b. in Keene, Nov. 2, 1801; d. in
Gilsum, April 1, 1879; son of Ezra and Betsey (Farwell) Bridge. She had
ten ch., whose family history will not be given in the fullest detail, because
they had only a slight connection with Sullivan:
1. Rhoda Matilda Bridge, b. in Keene, Aug. 23, 1832; m., Feb. 2, 1856,
Edwin Lyman, b. in Northfield, Mass., ab. 1830; son of Richard and Abigail
(James) Lyman, and had three ch. when the record was taken:
1.George Allison6 Lyman, b. in Northfield, Mass., Sept. 19, 1856;
2. Maria Alabama6 Lyman, b. in Northfield, July23, 1858;
3. Henry6 Lyman, b. in Northfield, Sept. 7, 1860.
2. Sterry Willard5 Bridge, b. in Keene, Dec. 29, 1833; d. there, Sept. 29,
3. Lewis5 Bridge, b. in Keene, June 7, 1836. See page 870.
4. Sarah Hazleton5 Bridge, b. in Keene, May 6, 1838; m., April 3, 1862,
Larkin Welch, b. in Sullivan, Sept. 10, 1830; son of Louisa, and
grandson of Morris and Beulah (Smith) Welch.
5. Sterry Willard5 Bridge, b. in Keene, Sept. 6, 1840; res. in
Warren, Mass.
6. Martha Alphonsa5 Bridge, b. in Keene, Nov. 6, 1842; m., Sept. 9, 1866,
Reuben Higgins Newcomb, b. in South Wellfleet, Mass., May 31, 1841; d., Jan. 11,
1876; son of Abner Snow and Polly (Ward) Newcomb.
7. Elmina5 Bridge, b. in Keene, June 23, 1844; m., March 26, 1870, Marvin
Rollo Booth of Walpole, and had two sons, Frederick6 Booth and James6 Booth.
8. James Gilbert5 Bridge, b. in Keene, April 13, 1847; m., September 1872,
Marianna Sprague of Hinsdale. Ch.:
1. Lettie Mabel6 Bridge, b. in Keene, June 21, 1874;
2. Cora Elmina6 Bridge, b. in Keene, Dec. 27, 1876;
3. Alice6; m.; res. in Hartford, Conn. Two ch.
9. John Evander5 Bridge, b. in Keene, Sept. 23, 1849; d. in Gilsum, Nov. 19,
1912; m., March 8, 1876, Cornelia Frances Ford, b. in Kingston, Md., March 6,
1857; dau. of Daniel and Mary Ann (Ford, sic) Ford. Res. in Gilsum. Ch.:
1. Roy Ellsworth6 Bridge, b. in Gilsum, May 6, 1877; m., June 29,
1904, Lena May Lokey, b. in Marion, Md., April 4, 1879; dau. of Thomas and
Octavia (Ford) Lokey. Ch.: (1). Gladys
Mae7 Bridge, b. in Keene, Oct. 17, 1908; (2). Harold Ellsworth7
Bridge, b. in Keene, Dec. 29, 1910. 2. Harold6
Bridge, b. in Gilsum, May 7, 1882; m. Ethel Wallman; res. in Troy,
N. Y.; no ch. 3. Edith May6 Bridge, b. in
Gilsum, June 3, 1887; m., Dec. 31, 1903, John Marrett Sewall, b. in
Newton Centre, Mass., Sept. 2, 1877; son of
Samuel Brown and Louise Elizabeth (Farrington) Sewall. Res. in
Keene. Five ch.: (1). Marjorie Louise7 Sewall, b.
in Keene, Aug. 11, 1904; (2). Hazel Frances7 Sewall, b. in Keene,
March 3, 1907; (3). Edith Marian7 Sewall, b. in
Keene, July 24, 1909; (4). Evelyn Elizabeth7 Sewall, b. in Keene,
Jan. 10, 1911; d. in Keene, Sept. 28, 1912; (5).
Elizabeth Brown7 Sewall, b. in Keene, July 27, 1914. 10. Ora
Desbrow5 Bridge, b. in Keene, May 23, 1852; m.,
Sept. 4, 1911, Lillian Helen Mason of Sullivan, b. in Brighton,
Me., June 10, 1861; dau. of Lorenzo Walker and
Eleanor Jane (Kennard) Mason. Res. in S. No ch.

3. MATILDA4 PHILLIPS, b. in Keene, Jan. 20, 1814; m., 1st, May 23,
1837, David Converse, b. in Gilsum, Sept.
24, 1809; d. in Alstead, Aug. 11, 1851; son of Daniel and Ruth
(Seaver) Converse. By him she had five ch.: 1.
Gilbert Phillips5 Converse, b. in Gilsum, April 4, 1841; m. Jane
Flanders and lived in Watertown, Mass.; 2.
Granville Smith5 Converse, b. in Gilsum, May 30, 1843; m. Anna
Collins of Gardner, Mass., and res. in
Leominster, Mass., in which town were born two sons, 1. Frederick
Granville6 Converse and 2. George Edward6
Converse, and perhaps other ch.; 3. Ellen Maria5 Converse, b. in
Alstead, March 5, 1845; m. Oct. 29, 1863,
George Brown of Troy, b. there, April 21, 1839; son of George
Washington and Mary (Bemis) Brown, by whom
she had three ch.: 1. Henry Ennis6 Brown, b. in Troy, Oct. 17,
1864; m., Oct. 25, 1890, Gertrude M. Corey, dau.
of Webster and Mary (Oakes) Corey. One ch., when record was taken:
(1). George7 Brown, b. in Troy, Oct. 6,
1892; d. there, Oct. 14, 1892; 2. Eva Maria6 Brown, b. in Troy,
Dec. 13, 1866; m., July 14, 1887, George W.
Tobias; and had two ch. when record was taken: (1). David Charles7
Tobias, b. in Troy, Dec. 18, 1891; (2). Wm.
Ennis7 Tobias, b. in Troy, Jan. 3, 1893; 3. Elberta Gertrude6
Brown, b. in Troy, May 28, 1868; m., Dec. 21, 1886,
Edwin B. Forristall, and res. in Cambridgeport, Mass. 4. Jennie
Frances5 Converse, b. in Alstead, April 16, 1847;
d. in the Province of Quebec, Feb. 21, 1875; m. Stephen Henry
Ennis, by whom she had four ch. when record was
taken: 1. Mary6 Ennis, 2. Jane Matilda6 Ennis, 3. Luretta6 Ennis,
4. Elizabeth Frances6 Ennis. 5. David Merrill5
Converse, b. in Walpole, March 9, 1851. Mrs. Matilda (Phillips)
Converse m. 2d, Feb. 4, 1857, Caleb Spencer, b.
in Westminster, Vt., Dec. 21, 1800; son of Ephraim and Charlotte
(Codding) Spencer; res. in Keene.

4. RELIEF TEMPLE4 PHILLIPS, b. in Keene, March 5, 1816; m. George
Welch of Hinsdale; res. in Baldwinsville,
Mass. Five ch. were reported: 1. James5 Welch, 2. Albert5 Welch, 3.
John5 Welch, 4. Mary5 Welch, 5.
Catharine5 Welch.
5. TIMOTHY HALL4 PHILLIPS, b. in Gilsum, May 15, 1818; m., Aug. 29, 1843, Sarah
Barden Farnum, b. in
Stoddard, March 29, 1821; dau. of Ambrose Lakin and Rebecca (Stacy)
Farnum. They had three ch.: 1. Mary
Ann5 Phillips, b. in Langdon, Aug. 17, 1844; m., Dec. 13, 1868,
Henry Burt Graves, b. in Deerfield, Mass., Jan. 22,
1845; and had three ch. when record was taken: 1. George Henry6
Graves, b. in Winchester, June 9, 1870; 2.
Clarence Burt6 Graves, b. in Orange, Mass., June 18, 1872; d.
there, Sept. 8, 1873; 3. John Frederick6 Graves, b.
in Keene, July 8, 1874. 2. Helen Marie5 Phillips, b. in Walpole,
Sept. 26, 1846; m. in 1873 James Woodruff, b. in
Bernardston, Mass., ab. 1846; res. in Monson, Mass. One ch. when
record was taken, 1. Gertrude Lucia6
Woodruff, b. in Bernardston, Mass., March 20, 1874. 3. John Henry5
Phillips, b. in Walpole, Aug. 28, 1850. 4.
George William5 Phillips, b. in Reading, Vt., March 10, 1852.

6. FRANCIS NURSE4 PHILLIPS, b. in Keene, May 22, 1820; m., Nov. 30,
1843, Rosanna Converse, b. in
Gilsum, April 1, 1817; dau. of Daniel and Ruth (Seaver) Converse;
res. in Alstead. Four ch.: 1. Rosalie Florella5
Phillips, b. in Langdon, July 22, 1849; m., Jan. 18, 1868, Truman
R. Stinehour, b. in Highgate, Vt., in 1842, son of
George Nelson and Maria (Shelters) Stinehour. She had ten or more
ch. 2. Emma Floretta5 Phillips, b. in
Walpole, June 30, 1850. 3. Frank Albert5 Phillips, b. in Alstead,
April 22, 1855; res. in Syracuse, N. Y. 4. James
Gilbert5 Phillips, b. in Alstead, Jan. 20, 1857; res. in Keene.

7. IRENE4 PHILLIPS, b. in Keene, April 6, 1822; m. Edward Parker
Johnson of North Brookfield, Mass.; res. in
Worcester, Mass. She had five ch.: 1. John5 Johnson; 2. Edward5
Johnson; 3. William5 Johnson; 4. Charles5
Johnson; 5. David5 Johnson.

8. FRINDA FOLLETT4 PHILLIPS, b. in Keene, March 25, 1825; m.
Danforth Benson of Pelham, Mass; res. in
Lakeport, Mich. She had six ch.


CASSIUS MARCELLUS CLAY PHILLIPS, b. in Nelson, July 9, 1861, was
the son of Minot Reuben and Caroline
E. (Harris) Phillips. He lived in the north-east part of Roxbury,
but he used the East Sullivan post office, and
attended the meetings of the grange and the church in that village,
and was so much identified with the interests
of the place that we give a brief sketch of his family. He m., Aug.
14, 1902, Katharine Whitney [Adams] Alden, b.
in Palmer, Mass., Oct. 4, 1869; dau. of James and Augusta
(Cleveland) Adams; but the legally adopted dau. of
Luther Parker and Lydia Ann (Adams) Alden, Mrs. Alden being a
sister of James Adams, the father of Mrs.
Phillips. Mr. and Mrs. Phillips had four ch.: 1. Clifford Alden, b.
in Roxbury, May 31, 1903; 2. Elizabeth Marteile,
b. in Roxbury, Dec. 6, 1904; 3. Albert Whitney, b. in Roxbury, Aug.
9, 1906; d. in Keene, June 12, 1911; 4. Helen
Caroline, b. in Roxbury, April 3, 1909. Mr. Phillips moved from
Roxbury to Keene and lives upon lower
Winchester St.


DANIEL PHILLIPS paid a poll tax in Sullivan in 1809, and a tax upon
two cows. He was never an established resident of the town. He owned no
real estate in town. We cannot discover with what family he was connected. We do
not know whether he had any family. The fact that he kept cows renders it
probable that he was married. He may have lived at 182. The mother of Mrs.
Artemas Stone, who had previously lived at that place, married a Phillips of
Fitzwilliam. Mrs. Silas Morse, who subsequently lived at 182, was a dau. of
Nathaniel Phillips of Fitzwilliam. At the time indicated, the farm at 182 was
owned by the Stone family of Fitzwilliam, and not known to have been occupied.
At that time, also, James Phillips, q. v. was living on what was later the Nahum
Nims place, at 159. Daniel Phillips may have been some relative of his. We have
been unable to trace his genealogy. He was in Sullivan but a year, and there was
no marriage, birth, or death in his family, while in town, so far as known.

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