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From: "Frank and Lois Richardson" <>
Subject: [PERRY] Macajah Perry and other possible Perry relations
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 21:21:34 -0700

This information was graciously sent to me by a couple in New Zealand, one
of whom was a Perry descendant. I want to share it especially with all of
those Perrys who by tradition are descended from Phillip Perry, b. ca 1597,
who was supposed to be the uncle of Micajah Perry. Phillip came to Isle of
Wight, VA, ca 1634, with wife, Grace. Possibly, he sailed on a ship owned
by the Perry family, who were known to be traders.

There is apparently no way to prove that there was Phillip Perry, I, II, and
III (with possibly generation between) and that the 7 Perry brothers, sons
of Phillip III, travelled to North Carolina, settling there with land grants
from royalty in England. My ancestor was Francis Perry, one of those 7
sons. Francis was m. to "Mable", and I have been unable to learn her last
name, and then to "Sally Seawell King." I do not know which of his
children, if any, came from the second wife.

Francis' grandson, Dr. Ducalion A. Perry, settled in Washington County Texas
before he was 21; he was born in Wake Co., NC, in 1799; his father, Sion
Perry, fought in the American Revolution.

Dr. Ducalion A. Perry's grandson was Selser Howard Perry, who lived in what
is now Grimes County. Selser was my grandfather, and he was the son of
Gardner Ducalion Perry, Ducalion's only child with his second wife, Eunice
Elizabeth Gardner (Little) (Perry) Sherman. Eunice was widowed when she was
expecting Gardner Ducalion Perry.

"Micajah Perry" (and this is the way that it was spelled on this
"Son of Richard Perry, Citizen and Haberdasher of London
Grandson of Micajah Perry, Citizen and Haberdasher of London
Born in the parish of St. Katherine Creechurch, London, between 1698-1706.
Admitted to the Freedom of the City of London by patrimony in the
Haberdashers' Company on 21st of June 1727. Master of the Haberdashers'
company 1727 - 1728
Alderman for the Ward of Aldgate, 1728-1746 (elected 24 Feb 1728, discharged
25 Nov 1746)
Sheriff of London, 1734-1735
Lord Mayor of London, 1738-39
M.P. for City of London (Whig), 1727-1741
Colonel of the Orange Regiment, 1738-1745
Laid the Foundation stone of the Mansion House in his Mayoralty on 25
October 1739
Died 22nd January 1753
Letters of administration granted 14 August 1753

A. B. Beaven THE ALDERMAN OF THE CITY OF LONDON (2 Vols., London, 1908 &
CITY FREEDOM ARCHIVES (In Corporation of London Records Office, CLRO"
could be CLRD) "ref: CF1/137 and CF 1/474)
MUSGRAVE'S OBITUARY PRIOR TO 1800 Ed. C. J. Armytage, (Harleian Society,
London, 1901), Vol. V"

This paper record was stamped: "CORPORATION OF LONDON RECORDS OFFICE"

If you know more of this family, please share it.

Lois Perry Richardson

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