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On 18 April 1666, he contracted to sell his property in Stamford
to "Thomas Laurence with full allowance and approbation of his Guardians
viz; Mr. Ellifolet Jones and Mr. Cornelius Hull."<1,2> Book A:3 The
price was 47li. An additional five acres was sold to his neighbor
Jonathan Sellick, a lawyer, at an undisclosed price.<1,2> Book A:1
ROBERT and his family then moved to Mamaroneck, N. Y. Surprisingly
enough, knowing ROBERT'S past history with the law, he was appointed
constable at Mamaroneck, N. Y. on 13 February 1667 by Governor
On 24 December 1670, he bought a tract of land of considerable
size (acreage not stated in the deed) from John and Anne Richbell.
In addition, ROBERT was granted rights to undivided lands extending
"2 miles into the woods..." For this he paid 24li.
By this time, his first wife ELSIE, had died and ROBERT married
Mary Scofield. She was the widow of one ROBERT'S neighbors in
*1) ELIZABETH-born 1653. Married RICHARD LOUNSBERRY on
1 August 1670.<1>
2) WILLIAM-born 1655.<1>
3) THOMAS-born 29 March 1658.<1>
4) MARY-born 26 November 1660. Died young.<1>
5) MARTHA-bor 26 September 1664. Married Henry Rich in
All children, except Mary (who died in childhood) and ELIZABETH,
are named in ROBERT'S will-written 18 January 1672. ELIZABETH may
have been provided for (in the form of a dowry) when she married.
ROBERT had two half brothers, William and Samuel, and a sister,
Elinor Reading. William was a very successful businessman in England.
In his will, he set up a scholarship to benefit descendants of ROBERT.
This scholarship is to Harvard University and still stands today.
"William Pennoyer Bequest (1670). Bequest of William Pennoyer
of England, for two fellows and two scholars; one preferably to be a
descendant of ROBERT PENNOYER (a brother of William) and the other...
(from)...New Haven (Colony). Preference to be given to undergraduate
descendants. Pennoyer descendants in the graduate schools will be
nominated by their schools. Certified genealogical records required
to establish claim."<3>
>From its foundation through 1950, the total number of persons
who had received this aid amounted to 290.<1>

1) "Pennoyer Brothers Colonization, Commerce, Charity in the Seventeenth
Century" by Raymond H. Lounsbury pgs. 69.70,71,206,233
2) Stamford, Ct. Land Records
3) Letter from Marilyn Zax, Ass't to Seamus P. Malin, Ass't Dean of
Admissions & Fianancial Aid, Harvard University, dated 7 Dec. 1982
and enclosure describing Pennoyer Scholarship.
* Denotes child that lineage will follow.

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