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At the same time as the dispute with Greedye, another lawsuit
was brought against ROBERT by Ralph Cardall, who charged that his
tobacco had been stolen by ROBERT and sold to the Indians.<1,2>
Cardall produced a witness to support his charges:
"John Morrice being deposed wittnesseth that Indians come to
ROBERT PENNEARES house and did ask him to sell them tobaccoe and hee
did and at won time more when as they come to buye some hee not haveing
enough in the house did desire ye sd. John Morrice to staye in his
house while he fetch some more out of Ralphes tobacco house which he
did and the said ROBERT broughte two or three mono coses where upon
the sd. John Morrice did aske him saying what doe you sell Raphes
tobacco Yea said hee after certain debts are pd. halfe the tobacco is
mine; Jo Morrice witnesseth that ROBERT PENNERE said that hee thoughte
Raphe Cardall had two hundred weights of his tobacco stolen."<1,2>
Judgement in this case came on 21 April 1648: "Raphe Cardall had
awarded unto him of the estate of the Courte (houlden...
here this present daye fiftie gilders in consideration of the tobacco
yt ROBT. PENNERE purloined awaye from him in case the sd. PENNERE
make it otherwise to appeare betwixt this and the laste of August next
then is ye sd. Raphe to answer it backe againe to him."<1,2>
Meanwhile, on 16 March 1648, James Grover brought suit against
ROBERT for the pay for four days work done by Grover.<1,2>
On the same day, Ambrose London declared at court, that "ROBERT
PENNEERE stand indebted to him for 4 gilders 6 sti. for washing and
for worke done and being sworne this present daye saith upon his
oathe hee was never pd. the said money."<1>
Also: "Roger Scott being deposed swareth yt ROBERT PENNER oweth
him 2 gilders which is for Clabboards yt sd. ROBERT had of him and
never payed him for them."<1,2>
It is not known when ROBERT lost ownership of his patent, but
town records state:
"7 December 1653. Ensign Baxter having purchased and brought a
certain tract or parcell of Land which sometime appertained & belonged
unto ROBERT PENOYER the sd. Land being further confirmed unto him by
Patent from the Governor Peter Stuyvesant..."<1>
In Raymond Lounsbury's book, he contends that many of ROBERT'S
problems were conspired by Lady Deborah Moody and George Baxter, in
order to obtain his land.


1) "Pennoyer Brothers, Colonization, Commerce, Charity in the
Century" by Raymond H. Lounsbury pgs. 39,40,41,42,43,44
2) Gravesend Town Records, Vol. I, pgs. 14,21,22

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