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From: "Joseph Payne" <>
Subject: PAYNE, PARKER, COMBS, Washington Co., Va, 1780
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 96 02:07:14 UT

I have no answers to you Parker's but do have a William who was born about the
same time your William was born.
Joe Payne

(1) William PARKER was born about 1780 at Va, and married Patience SHIPLEY.
Sullivan Co. Tax List 1790 - 1797 William Parker 220 Acres.
Pg. 333 Sullivan Co. Will Book 9
This Indenture made this twenty first day of November in the
year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighteen
between Patience Parker, William T. Parker, Benjamin Parker of
the State of Tennessee, Sullivan County, John Payne and
Rachel Payne his wife of the State of Virginia, Scott County
the one part and ?? Billingsly of the State of Tennessee,
Washington County of the other part. In so much that the
said Patience Parker, William S. Parker, John Payne and Rachel
his wife formerly Rachel Parker heirs of refrisentaticer??? of
William Parker deceased for and in consideration of the sum of
Seven Hundred and Seventy five dollars to them in had paid
hath given and granted bargain of sold alunred?? consigns
and confirmed unto him the said Lylse Billingsly his heirs and
assigns forever all their right, title, ??? claim of demand
the had of of in and to a certain tract or parcel of land
in the County of Sullivan of State of Tennessee on the situated

South side of ??? Holston River, Beginning at a White Oak and
White Oak Stump the ??? coming of the original deed of Three
Hundred Acres granted to John Gilliam standing on River
bank thence down said River, North ??? West thirty long
poles to a Beach Tree thence South Eight Seven ??? West fifty
eight poles to a Beach Tee thence North eight three ??? West
Forty ?? to a Poplar Stump near a large Beach, thence from
said River up a Knob South Seventy five furlong West
Twenty seven poles to a White Oak, thence on a dividing line
made by said William Parker and Henry Bond thence along a
knob crossing a path South twenty five furlong East One
Hundred and Sixty poles to ??? and a Post Oak in the Barrens
on the East line of the Original Grant, thence with said line,
East One Hundred and twenty poles to a forked White Oak on the
line of a tract of two hundred acres granted to Elisha
Johnston, thence with said line South One hundred and thirty
six poles to stake in the Barrens coming of said Grant, thence
with the line thereof East two hundred and eight poles to a
stake, thence North Forty nine poles to a Spanish Oak on the
bank of the River, thence down said River North sixty six
furlong West eighty polesto a Red Oak, thence, North forty
furlong west one hundred and six poles to a White Oak tree,
thence North Ninety seven furlong West sixty eight poles to
the place of Beginning and the Beginning coming of the
afforsaid Grant of Elijah Johnston and John Gillaham
containing Three Hundred and Eight acres be the same more
or less legally with all improvements wood water mined
minerals here to unto and appushnery??? to the belonging
and appraised with all the right title and interest claim
and demand that they the aforesaid Patience Parker, William S.
Parker, Benjamin Parker, John Payne and Rachel his wife and
heirs ?? has offered to the aforesaid land and premises as an
estate in fee simple to them descedit and heirs of ??? of the
aforesaid William Parker deceased. To have and to hold
unto him the said Lyle Billingsly and his heirs against ?? the
said Patience Parker, William S. Parker, Benjamin Parker, John
Payne and Rachel his Wife and their heirs and against all and
every??? or person ?? under law for the aforesaid heirs of ???
do by these presents warrant and for ever defend as far as
the right and title when vested and seals the day of year first

above written, Signed and sealed in presents of Henfy Cade,
Aquilla Parker, William Slaughter, Nathan Shipley, Sylse
Billingly, George George.
Patience X Parker
William S. Parker
Benjamin Parker
John Payne
Rachel X Parker
Pg 334
State of Virginia
Scott County I John W. Henry, Justice of the Pease in
the County aforesaid of State of Virginia do hereby certify
Rachel Payne wife of John Payne party to a claim deed bearing
date on the 21st day of November 1818 and hereto assigned
person ???? appeared before me in our County aforesaid and
being examined by us freely and apart from her husband and
having the deed aforesaid fully explained to her and that
said Rachel Payne acknowledges the same to be her act and deed
and declared that she had willingly signed sealed and
delivered the same and that she swore not to detract it
Given under our hands and seals This 8th day of October, 1822.
2 i William S. PARKER
3 ii Benjamin PARKER
+ 4 iii Elizabeth PARKER was born on Nov 9, 1773.
+ 5 iv Rachael PARKER was born about 1775.

(4) Elizabeth PARKER, (William PARKER) was born Nov 9, 1773, and before 1798
at Sullivan Co., Tn, married Jesse BILLINGSLEY, son of John BILLINGSLEY and
Jean MILLSAPS, who was born Feb 22, 1774 at Guilford Co., NC. Elizabeth died
on Jul 3, 1854 at Washington Co., Tn. Jesse died on Jul 28, 1821 at Sullivan
Co., Tn.

This information is from Virginia Billingsley Fletchers application to the
First Family of Tennessee.
Jesse Billingsley came to Sullivan Co, with his parents around 1780. He was
the son of John Billingsley, a Rev. War soldier, and Jean Milsap. Prior to
1798 Jesse married Elizabeth Parker the daughter of William Parker whose
settlement in sullivan Co, Nov 21, 1818 showed the following children:
Elizabeth, Patience, William T., Benjamin, and Rachel (m. John Ford). William

Parker was an early pioneer of Sullivan Co.
Jesse's first land deed in Sullivan Co. was Feb 15, 1800 when his father for
"love and affection" deeded him 160 acres on Sinking Creek. Jesse continued
acquire adjoining land and by 1820 owned 692.5 acres in Sullivan Co. and
additional tracts in Washington Co., TN, his land overlapping the county
His log house was built on the tract on Sinking Creek and faced on what is now

Proffitt Lane. May 14, 1821, Jesse mortgaged the tract of land where he lived

and two additional adjoining tracts to James Hall. The terms of the agreement

were that Jesse had two years to pay the note.
Two months after signing the mortgage, Jesse Billingsley, at age 47, died in a

wagon accident July 28, 1821. One account says he was killed whn his 4 hourse

team ran away and trie to cross a swollen stream, another says a wagon load of

iron overturned on him. Perhaps both describe the accident.
6 i William P. BILLINGSLEY was born Jul 9, 1798 at Sullivan Co.,
Tn, and before 1820, married Nancy MCCREARY who was born in 1801. William P.
died in 1850/1860 at Claiborne Co., Tn. Nancy died in 1840/1850 at Claiborne
Co., Tn.

(5) Rachael PARKER, (William PARKER) was born about 1775 at Scott Co., Va, and
on Aug 6, 1794 at Johnsborough, Tennessee, Washington Co., USA, married John
PAYNE, son of Reuben PAYNE and Elizabeth SWEATMAN, who was born in 1770 at
Washington Co., Tennessee. Rachael died after Oct 8, 1822 at Scott Co., Va.
John died about 1827 at Scott Co., Va.

This is from Dorth Cook's recolections and 1850 Hancock Co. TN Census
According to Milldred Horton Street, from Ft. Lourdale, Flordia, John
In the 1801 Washington Co., Tn Taxables, John Payne is found taxed in Capt.
Roberson's Co. John Payne went on bond for his brother. It seems that the
brother was probably
James Payne since Daniel went to Monore Co. Ky and did rather well.
As collateral John Payne posted all his property, real & personal.
The amount was something like $2500. As soon as he was released from custody

he disappeared & went far, far west. In a few months John had to make good
the bond. It took everthing he had, his property even his household plunder.

It is a matter of record in Scott County Court at Gate City. His wife had
and his daughter Elizabeth took him in. He had nothing to leave and
left no Will.
Sullivan Co., Tn Deed Book 9, p. 333
21 Nov 1818, heirs of William Parker, deceased, sell his land to Jessee
Billingsley, as to William Parkers's heirs, the deed reads......John Payne
and Rachel, his wife, of VA, Scott Co....................
Scott Co. Deed Book 3-352 5 July 1827, John Payne sells all he owns, crops &

house hold goods for one dollar to William H. Morison & heirs, agreement in
trust. John Payne on 1st day of December 1827 will pay to cause unto James
Stewart & sons the sum of 43.60 for all just debts & etc if John Payne pays &

settles dept he keeps his property.
It would be good to look in the Lee County, Va records for more information
on John Payne's Speers Ferry property. Scott County was not formed until
1814-15. Eula Mae McNutt says that John Payne is living with his daughter
Elizabeth Payne Horton (widow) in Scott Co in the 1850 census.
After locating John Payne's muster role in Col. (Gilbert) Christians Regiment

in 1793 I found the following in History of Washington Co. Tennessee.
The position held by William Blount in the Southwest Territory was a dual
In addition to being governor, he was also the Superintendent of Indian
Affairs, responsible for relations with the Cherokees (including the
Chickamaugas who had returned), Creeks, Choctaws and Chickasaws. Under
from the federal government, he was limited to defensive measures. Relations

with the Indians grew continually worse as settlers poured onto lands claimed

by the Indians, with no governmental action to stop the settlement, and as
Indians changed their minds about lands they had sold earlier. In addition,
the Spanish, who claimed Florida, a strip along the Gulf Coast and New
were supplying arms and ammunition to the Indians. In 1791 Congress
the President to call the militia to service as Indians were creating
all along the frontier. Three hundred and thirty two men were called from
Washington District to march to Ohio under General St. Clair. This was one
time the men did not volunteer; a draft had to be held. Major Rhea took
two hundred men. As they left, Captain Jacob Tipton, of Washington County,
called to his wife and told her that if he did not return, to change their
William's name to Jacob. He was killed in battle, and she changed the son's
name. (Tipton Co. Tenn. was named for Capt. Tipton in 1821). In September
1792 Colonels Carter and CHRISTIAN were ordered to raise two regiments and
them against the Creeks and the Cherokees in the lower towns. The Lt. Cols.
were Blair and McNabb; Majors, Sawyers, McFarland, Conway and Rutledge. In
November 1792 Capt. Samuel Handley of Washington Co. started, with forty men,

for a three month tour of duty in the Mero District. He was captured by the
Indians, and after threatening him with death, they decided to adopt him.
released him in a few months, and in later years they would often stop to
him. Early in September 1973, Capt. Michael Harrison and eighty horsemen
Washington Co. were sent to the Little Pigeon River. Troops from Washington
District under Col. John Blair reinforced Gen. Sevier's troops in the Battle
Etowah. This was Sevier's last military service. He had been in constant
service to his country for over twenty years, in thirty-five battles, untold
side actions, won them all, was never wounded, lost only a total of fifty six

men, and was never known to have had a disciplinary problem with any man he
More on The Overmountain Men, Battle of King's Mountain, Cumberland Decade,
State of Franklin and The Territory Southwest of the River Ohio.
Had it not been for the relentless attacks by the Cherokee Chief Doublehead
because of the events of early 1793 and the massacre of a family by the name
Cavetts my relative may have never have served inthe last military battle of
Gen. John Sevier. This Southwest Army followed the Great War Path across
Hiawasee to the Indian Town of Oostinaula. Finding supplies of grain and
there, the force stayed to or three days waiting for the report of scouts.
They burned the deserted town before leaving, then made camp on the banksof
Oostinaula River. The Indians were all around the camp. The posted
sentries could hear their movements in the tall grass. The Army guarded
their horses carefully and Sevier's men slept ontheir arms at night. Tow
or three skirmishes occured, but only one slight wound was suffered. The
Indians, realizing the strenghth of the force and who the commanding officer
was, pulled back hoping for a better opportunity.
The night after the skirmishes, Sevier moved his army. He left the campfires

burning brightly, hoping the Indians would not suspect the departure of the
toops. The Indians returned and fired into the empty camp before learning of

their mistake.
The forward march led the white army to the Coosawatie River. The Indians
prepared defenses on the opposite banks where the whites had to cross.
called his Officers for a council to make other plans. Scouts had observed
many small openings along the bank nearest the Village. The Indians had dug
cavities, each large enough for one warrior and his gun. Each brave
in this spot could cause much damage without exposing himself to the trooper
Sevier realized that his men would suffer heavy casualties if he undertook to

cross the river at this location. He ordered Col. Kelly and his Knox County
Company to locate another crossing. Such a spot was found about half a mile
downstream. Some of the horsemen pushed their horses out into the stream to
check on its depths and bottom, and some crossed the river. The Indians
thought they were being flanked by the force moving downstream for the
crossing. They hastily left their places of concealment to oppose this new
threat. When the defense was weakened at the regular ford, Sevier quickly
his men across with very little opposition.
The Indians now found themselves caught between the white army and the river.

The red warriors put up a brave battle under the leadership of Kingfisher,
were no match for Sevier's force. They managed to escape into the hills
a secret route known only to them. Sevier wanted to follow, but his scouts
advised against this course.
The Battle of Etowah was fought near the site of the present town of Rome,
Georgia. Sevier tried to keep the killing to a minimum. Most of the Squaws
and children were allowed to escape. All structures in the Indian town of
Etowah were destroyed by fire.
This was General John Sevier's last battle. He had foungt Indians, Tories
British during a span of some 20 years. He never lost a battle, and only 58
his command were killed during his military career.
Under the act that established the State of Franklin in March 1785 in
the following were appointed to establish a State Militia as field officers;
Sullivan County; Gilbert Christian, Colonel; Jon Anderson,
George Maxwell, First Major. John Payne must have lived for a while in
Sullivan County where he first met his wife Rachel Parker.
check on its depths and bottom, and some crossed the river. The Indians
thought they were being flanked by the force moving downstream for the
crossing. They hastily left their places of concealment to oppose this new
threat. When the defense was weakened at the regular ford, Sevier quickly
his men across with very little opposition.
The Indians now found themselves caught between the white army and the river.

The red warriors put up a brave battle under the leadership of Kingfisher,
were no match for Sevier's force. They managed to escape into the hills
a secret route known only to them. Sevier wanted to follow, but his scouts
advised against this course.
The Battle of Etowah was fought near the site of the present town of Rome,
Georgia. Sevier tried to keep the killing to a minimum. Most of the Squaws
and children were allowed to escape. All structures in the Indian town of
Etowah were destroyed by fire.
This was General John Sevier's last battle. He had foungt Indians, Tories
British during a span of some 20 years. He never lost a battle, and only 58
his command were killed during his military career.
7 i Elizabeth PAYNE was born about 1794 at Va, and married Hez Ron
HORTON who was born about 1790 at Va. Hez Ron died about 1820.
Mildred Street writes in a letter to me dated Sept 27, 1996.
Speaking of John Payne, Elizabeth's father,"The old man was literally put out

in the road. I believe that his wife was dead. I find no indication, but
of his children who was willing to take him in, and that was his daughters
Elizabeth. I'm sure he died with her just across the river from the Enoch
Payne property. For a long time Elizabeth's family was a mystery family to
and another person who was doing Horton geneology. I wrote a statement about

them which I still have in my papers. Elizabeth was married near the
present-day Speers Ferry to a Hezron Horton (not of Horton's Ford, but
3 or 4 generations back). He was a veteran of the War of 1812 (Records in
archives in Washington, D.C.) He married Elizabeth and had 3 small children
before he died in 1820's. We find when his estate is mentioned but we don't
know how he died. Elizabeth became known as Betsy Horton and her land as
Horton's land. She named her 3 legitimate children, by Hezron, Rachel (for
mother), James and, I believe, Rebecca. She did not break her stride in
children. Her next child 3 or 4 years later was a Minerva (Minnie) from whom

Lou (Friend of Mildreds from Pa) is decended. Lou has a note, I think it is
who has it, from Hiram Payne, Enoch's brother who was Postmaster of Allen
Station, Tenn, somewhere down there in those valley's, dated sometime about
1849, giving someone the exciting news about the two recent weddings, Miss
Minnie Horton to Hughes O. Day and Miss Polly Payne (Enoch's daughter) to
A.Y. Click, the older brother of my gr. grandmother Horton of Horton's Ford.

The Hughes O. Days went on to Dentucky and I think to Missouri. They did
well. Minerva lived to be up into her 90's. Lou has a death certificate for

her naming her mother a Betty Horton and her father as a Mr. Spencer. Lou
tries to trace that to somethin but she can't. Minerva's father may have
a Spencer but he and Elizabeth (Betsy) were not married. Oh, I forgot to
mention, Lou says Minerva (Minnie) was raised by her aunt and uncle,
Isabell Payne and Horton Turnmire. I have found Turnmire but not a Horton
Then the family seemed to disappear for a while. Betsy must have sold her
Speers Ferry land and moved downstream across from Enoch and bought some
property across Copper Ridge. It is hard to get to even today. The children

continued to be born, some 4 or 5 or 6 more. They lived there in the "off
road", out of the way place the remainder of the 1800's. They did very well
although, they lived somewhat to themselves. My Horton's Ford family did not

have a very close relationship with them. They were rather ostracized, but I

must say in their defense they were a kind, compassionate family who seemed
always ready to share what they had with others, neighboring children,
Elizabeth's father and her nephew. I think it was to her that John went and
lived out his life. When I look at the census I don't get books or lists
someone has taken, I look at the microfilmed originals. It is quite a
squinting job, but the information is better and correct. The 1850 census of

Hancock County clearly shows an older man John Payne or Payne living with her

and her family. His age was listed, I think, as 70 something which would be
exactly right for him. They became, all thru the 1800's, a matriarchal
first headed by Elizabeth and then by her daughter Rachel. They did very
Elizabeth was a tailoress and Rachel was a weaver. Between them, I'm sure
of the "homespun" suits and coats for men in that valley were made. I
smile when I think about it because the community used their services very
much. They are no doubt buried over there and I thin with Jean's help I
find where they lived and possibly where they are buried. I'm sure John
is buried over there with them. Well, I've written a book to tell you why
Payne didn't have a will, so far as I know. The record for the purchase of
land near Speers Ferry would be in Lee County records if it is anywhere,
County was not formed until 1814-15. And I doubt very much that your Hiram
Payne would have had a will. In 1865 he would only have been 40, 41, 42 or
still relatively young, and dying so suddenly in such unexpected
I would think that he had not made a will.
Hez Ron Horton was a veteran of the War of 1812. He served under Capt.
Joseph Edwards' Co. of Inf., 5th Reg't Virginia Militia. He apeared for
Company Pay Roll August 1 to Octo 13, 1813. He was Dischared 14 Oct 1813,
term of service expired.
8 ii Annie PAYNE was born about 1794 at Washington Co., and married
This comes from Mildred Street's letter to me Sept. 30, 1995.
The following from pags. 174,175 and 176, Scott Co, Va Wills 1816-1860
Microfilm 0337171.
This Indentour made this 17th day of June in the year of our Lord One
Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty between George George of the County of Scott,
of Virginia of the one part and Ann Payne of the County of Hancock State of
Tennessee of the other part willingulth that the said George George fo
and in consideration of the sum of two thousand one hundred dollars to him
hand paid the reciept whereof the said George George doth hereby acknowledge

hath granted bargained and sold to their presents with ??? bargain and sale
unto the said Ann Payne her heirs ans assigns the sig following Negroes to
each Bob
Daniel and Eps ???? and Mima Dina and Charity to have and to hold the said
negros with there future ????? to here the said Ann Payne her heirs assigns
???? proper was and belongs of the said Ann Payne and ??? have ??? forever
the said George George for him and his heirs Executors and Administrators
hereby covenant together to and with this said Ann Payne her heirs and
the said six negros with ther futurs incracse?? unto the said Ann Payne her
heirs takes against him the said George George his heirs and against all
persons with convenant shall take by these presents forever warrant and
the covenant whereof the said George George hathe ??? unto set his hand
and seal the day and year above written
George George
Signed sealed and delivered in the presents of ??????
Virginia at a Court of quarter session continued therefore Lee County the
29th day of June 1820.
This indenture of ????? for slaves in the County of Scott from George
George to Ann Payne on this day provided in court and acknowledges the said
George and ordered to be ???? to the Clerk of Court of the said County of
???? recorded. ???? Charles ???? Virgina
At a Court held for Scott County the 11th day of July 1820. This
of bargain and sale of slaves from George George to Ann Payne which was
certified her been acknowledge by the said George George in the County
Court of Lee County and certified to the Clerk of this Court and ordered to
Signed ??????

The 1860 census of Hancock Co. Tn has a James Johnson age 31 and John
Johnson living with Enoch Payne Annie Payne's brother. Mildred Street
thinks that
these are sons of Annie.

She also married George GEORGE who was born about 1795 at Scott Co., Virginia,
USA. George was married to Nancy ENGLAND.

This George George is also shown living with Ann Payne leaving 6 slaves
in his will. Anne lived with George George and had 3 children by him
according to
Mildred Street. Anne later married a Johnston and moved down near Clinch
Know all men by these presents that we Hiram Kilgore and George George of
Scott County, Virginia are hold and firmly bound to James Gibson foresaid of
overseeing of the poor and his succipons in the penal sum of two hundred
dollars current money to which payment we do and truly to be made we bind
ourselves over and each of our heirs, Executors, Administrators jointly
and severably by these presents willingly our hand and seals, the 7th day of
July 1817. The conditions of the above obligation is such that whereas the
overseeing of the poor have appointed the above bound Hiram Kilgore
collector of the poor rates the present year with instructions to collect from
tithable twenty two cents if therefore the said Hiram Kilgore do level and
truly collect and account for the ??? as the law directs them the above
obligation to be void also to remain in force
Sign Seal & Acknowledge Hiram Kilgore (seal)
In presents of George George (seal)
Isaac Laws
9 iii James PAYNE was born about 1795. James died at Hawkins Co.,
Tennessee, USA.

James is in the 1840 census record as a male between 40 and 50 with no
wife and a male between 20 and 30 and female 10 and 15 living in his house.
This is my own guess I wouldn't bet on it being right.
Check the Hawkins Co. census. There is a James with more listed.
10 iv Enoch PAYNE was born in 1796 at Scott Co., Virginia, USA, and
on Aug 22, 1818 at Scott Co., Virginia, married Sarah ENGLAND, daughter of
John ENGLAND and Mary PARSONS, who was born in 1796 at Scott Co., Virginia.
Enoch died in Mar 1863 at Hancock Co., Tennessee, USA. Sarah died about 1855
at Scott Co., Va.

Enoch Payne married Sally England. Sally was the daughter of a Revolutionary
War Solider, John England in Scott County, Va. Eula Mae McNutt placed a
Government Monument on his grave in 1982. Enoch is living in Hawkins County
in 1830 census as a male between 30 and 40
with his wife between 30 and 40. There is a male between 15 and 20, a male
between 5 and 10 and 2 males under 5. The are 2 females between 10 and 15, 1
female between 5 and 10, and 1 male under 5. From Eula Mae McNutt Notes.;
Scott Co, Va Deed Book Pg 84, September 4,
1832; Phillip Roller of Scott Co. sells to Enoch Payne of Hawkins Co. Tn
for 3 Hundred dollars paid by James Dollenson, has sold to Enoch Payne 150
acres being a part of a 4 thousand 3 hundred & 10 acres tract sold by Scott
Co. Sheriff by name of Peter Fisher on North side of Clinch River Knobbs &
the South side of the Big Ridge, Joins Enochs lands & defends William nickels.

Eula writes she believes this is the land he devided between Hiram E. on East
& daughter Mary Click at his house on state line.
1840 Hawkins County census.
page 226 Enoch Payne 2 males (5-10) 1 female (10-15) 1 female (40-50)

2 males (10-15) 1 female (20-30) 1 male (40-50)
(total in household 9) (4 employed in agriculture) no slaves
1 adult who could not read and write
page 226
next family Elias Roller
1850 Hancock Co. Tn Census
Enoch Payne 54
Sarah wife 54
Ann (Payne) Begley 31 dau
James Payne 21 Sully died young son
Henry Payne 18 son
William Begley 5 Va Ann's son divorced from Christian Begley
James Begley 3 Va " " " "
Deed Book 39 pg 408 May 17, 1900, Scott Co. Va
Enoch Payne and Lou. M. his wife of Washington Co., Va to George Lawson of
Scott Co. for one thousand dollars sells 75 acres more or less. (Hiram E.
Paynes land 1/2 of 150 acres) Deed Book 18 pg 83, Scot Co. Ocotber 12, 1878.
E G. Anderson & Mary his
wife & Elias Payne & Margaret his wife 1 part & M. V. Parcell bought etc &
etc to
lands then owned by Hiram E. Payne the land willed to Hiram E. by Enoch Payne

his father 119 acres. (Seperate land that had been bought) Deed book 12 pg
141 April 22, 1857 Hiram E. & Mary Payne sells to William Church 3 hundred
acres north side Clinch River near Sinking Spring & run with River by
Claiborne Weelers. Hiram sold this and went to Missouri, where
Mary died and he came back to land Enoch his father had given him. Where he
was killed.
Scott Co. Va Deed Book 39 pg 238 August 10, 1880, Sarah Payne 1st part &
Payne 2nd part paid Sarah one hundred dollars for her 9th part of land in
Co., Va, it being old homestead of Hiram E. Payne. Joins Hiram Church, A. Y.
Click and others
signed S.E. Payne Claiborne County attested to by T. W. Stone
August 10, 1881, Mary Ann Neal & D. A. Neal to Enoch Payne for one hundred
dollars 9th part in old homestead of Hiram E. Payne in Scott Co., Va.
Claiborne Co., J.P.
Witness, A. G. Payne
1860 Hancock Co. Tn census
Payne, Enoch 67
Henry 35
Arther Click 15
Mary 32
Louisann 10
James Cl. 4
Ann Begley 40
William 15
James 13
James Johnson 31
John D. 24
Lavina Fields 21
11 v Tine Parker PAYNE was born Dec 22, 1802 at Scott Co., Virginia,
USA, and married Susan LEWIS.

The was also in the LDS Database a John Parker Payne born on Dec. 29, 1809 so
will need to check census records of Scott Co. again for both Paynes. John
Parker Payne will be added to this data base after D. Parker Payne until I
some record of which is correct.
12 vi Isabell PAYNE was born in 1803 at Scott Co., Virginia, USA, and
married Horton TURNMIRE who was born about 1800 at Scott Co., Virginia, USA.

13 vii Hiram Daniel PAYNE was born in 1804 at Scott Co., Virginia,
USA, and married Isabel ODLE who was born in 1823 at Va.
Hiram D. Payne isliving in Hancock Co. in 1850 with his wife Isabel 27,
and her brother Jeremiah Odle, 28. Both were born in Va. They were not in
Hancock Co. or from what I can find no other county in Tennessee in 1860.
moved back to Va. where his father John lived.
14 viii Reuben PAYNE was born Feb 8, 1806 at Va, and married Elizabeth
JOHNSON who was born Aug 23, 1810 at Tn. Reuben died at Monroe Co., Ky.

I'm purely speculating about these others from the census record of Hawkins
County of 1830 and 1840. I am certain of the Enoch Payne record from page 37

and the others, including Reuben, are on the corresponding pages. In the
Hancock Co. census Reuben Payne 45 (280-92) with wife Eliza 34, daughter
Amandey 18, Louizey 17, Absolum 15, Ann13, Mary 11, Rachiel 3.
More information from
The notes of Mary F. Carter, 516 Red Oak Lane, Kingsport, TN 37663.
From the 1860 Monroe Co. Ky Census p 123 874
Rueben Payne ?? Tenn
Eliza ?? Tenn
S. G. ?? Tenn
L. A. ?? Tenn
Mary 14 Tenn
Rachel ?? Tenn
(Reading from a xerox copy)
From the 1870 Monroe Co. Ky Census Vol. 25, (1-318 A)
Rueben Payne 64 Tenn
Husband:Reuben PAYNE-199 Br/Ch: 8 Feb 1806
Wife:Elizabeth JOHNSON-179 Br/Ch:23 Aug 1810

----- -----
1. Amanda PAYNE-571 1 Jul 1832
2. Lucy Lousey PAYNE-570 15 Dec 1833
3. Absolum PAYNE-569 1 Sep 1835
4. Sarah Ann PAYNE-568 10 Jan 1839
5. Mary Polly PAYNE-567 10 Oct 1843
6. Rachel Elizabeth PAYNE-566 15 Jun 1845
7. Isabel PAYNE-773 24 Jul 1852
15 ix Riley PAYNE was born about 1808. Riley died at Hawkins Co.,
Tennessee, USA.
Riley is in the 1830 Hawkins Co. Census, Page 31. May only be a

realitive but thought I would add he and Daniel L. anyway. Riley is a male
between 20
and 30 with a wife between 20 and 30 with 1 male under 5 and 1
female between 5
and 10.
16 x John Parker PAYNE was born Dec 29, 1809 at Virginia, and
married Susan LEWIS, daughter of William LEWIS and Nancy GILLIAM, who was
born Mar 4, 1813 at Scott Co., Va. John Parker died in 1894 at Monroe Co.,
Ky. Susan died on Nov 4, 1889 at Monroe Co., Ky.
Batch #: 538485, Source Call #:
There is a John Payne 41 years old living in Washington Co. TN in 1850
His wife Mariah is 42. He has 4 children Martha 10, William 6, James 4,
John 2. 806-315.
I received from Eula Mae McNutt the notes of Mary F. Carter, 516 Red Oak
Lane, Kingsport, Tennessee 37663 and am adding information for Daniel Parker
We only have 11 of his 12 children but he had 4 daughters that lived to be
elderly & not married.
Wilda Page wrote about John Parker Payne & family going to Kentucky in 1848.
Also about the 4 maiden Aunts that, My gradmother's cousins Maggie
Bailey who is near 90 took care of them until they died. They used to talk
about Reuben all the time. Wilda had the bible record that gave the children

of John Parker Payne but I am missing #12
Joe, you come as close as anyone I have coresponded with to my Lewis
Family, as I have some tie in on them with yours, I'am also looking for
the parents of my GT.GT. Grandfather
Jacob Anderson b. ca. 1824 Va.,
likely Scott or Lee County, Va., m. Feb. 10, 1849 Hancock Co. Tn,
Cynthia (Syntha) Ann Lewis d/o: William Lewis & Nancy Gilliam.
Jacob & Cnthia remained in Hancock Co. Tn until 1855 when they came to Ky.,
from the information I have read on Jacob Anderson Civil War records
they likely came into Monroe Co. Ky., possibly moving with Cynthia people,
not sure. Jacob died June 5, 1889 Metcalfe Co. Ky., one county
away from Monroe Co. Ky. Here are a list of their Children:
1. William Harvey Anderson b. 1853 Virginia d. April 11, 1882 m. ca. 1871 to
Sarah Ann Dubree.
2. Mary Ann Anderson b. Feb. 19, 1856 Monroe Co. Ky m. 1st. Oct. 23,
1873 two daughter. m. 2nd: Hayden W. Dubre 1878. Hayden and Mary
Ann are my gt. grandparents.
3. Nancy Jane Anderson b. April 14, 1859 Ky., d. June 6, 1943 Lorenzo,
Crosby County, Texas m. George Thomas Martin Feb. 1, 1878 in
Metcalfe Co. Ky.
4. Doctor "G" Anderson b. Apr. 22, 1860 d. March 12, 1929 Randolph,
Fannin County, Texas m. ca. 1878-1880 Mary Matilda Bartley.
5. General Grant Anderson b. Aug. 15, 1863 Metcalfe Co. Ky, d. Mar. 29,
1929 m. June 1927 Isabelle Thomas Hagan Metcalfe Co. Ky.
William Lewis b. 1789 d. 1854 Scott County., Virginia m. Nancy Gilliam
b. 1792 d. 1876 Scott County, Virginia, William s/o: Griffith Lewis & Miss
Nancy d/o: John Gilliam & Susannah "Sookie" Childress
William & Nancy children were:
1. Susannah Lewis b. Mar 4, 1813 Scott Co. Va. d. Nov. 4, 1889 Monroe
Co. Ky, m. Dec. 25, 1833 John Parker Payne in Virginia.
2. Telitha Lewis b. 1816 m. George W. Powers.
3. Thomas Lewis didn't marry but fathered a child.
4. William Harvey Lewis b. 1833 d. 1912 m. Sarah Parvin.
5. John Lewis m. Julia A. Winniger.
6. Alfred Lewis m. Nancy Stallard.
7. Cynthia Ann Lewis my gt. gt. grandmother.
Joe any information you might have on these folks would be appreciated,
I'am very positive my Jacob Anderson fits somewhere into your connecting
Anderson's. Thanks Nancy of No. Illinois]
17 xi Daniel L. PAYNE was born in 1811 at Scott Co., Va, and married
Sylvia COMBS. Daniel L. died at Hawkins Co., Tennessee, USA.
Daniel L. is living alone in Hawkins Co. in 1830 listed on page 32 of the
census report. One page over from Riley and many pages from Enoch.
Riley, Enoch and Daniel are the only Paynes in the 1830 Hawkins Co. Census.
Hiram D. was postmaster of Allen Station, Tenn. and about 1849 wrote a note
about two recent weddings, Miss Minnie Horton to Hughes O. Day and Miss Polly

Payne (Mar, Enoch's daughter) to A. Y. Click to his brother John Parker Payne

and mentions his brother Daniel in Texas.
I am trying to link a Daniel Paine (bn abt 1780) to the Josias Payne
family of Henrico/Pittsylvania/Goochland Co's, VA.
This particular Daniel Paine married Silvey Combs, daughter of Mason
Combs. Daniel had three half brothers - Larkin, Thomas and ????
Daniel and family can be found in the 1820 Warren County, TN census
with brother Larkin.
The children of Silvey Combs and Daniel Paine were - Mason (1806) Alabama
Fleming Gordon (26 Mar 1807) in McMinville, TN
Nancy (1807) ma Josh Owen Murell (1810) Alta M. (1816) ma John Evans
William Carroll (1818) - married Mary Ellen Mush Millie married Fanny Pool
Sarah married John Wilson ;
Note that Mason Combs and many other Warren County neighbors resided
in Hawkins County, TN before their arrival in Warren County.
There were two Paines living in Hawkins County, TN with the families that
would later be their neighbors in Warren County; the Combs, Flemings,
Johnsons and Murrells. One of the two was probably the father of Larkin and
Daniel. The two Paines were William and John.
William, in particular, witnessed several title transfers for the Combs,
Johnsons, and Flemings as well as Mason Comb's will. A history of Hawkins
County says that the John and William Paine/Payne families came from
Goochland County, Va with a stop in North Carolina.
This is supported by the fact that Daniel Paine's second oldest son was named
Fleming Paine. Note that the candidate progenitor, Josias Payne, married Ann
Fleming. Another link to the Josias Payne family can be found in the name
of Daniel's grandson by William Carroll. The grandson was named Ransom
Paine. Ransom, like Fleming is a name that appears in the
Josias Payne family. I'm confident I've found my Daniel's family. I just
can't identify which child of Josias was the father or grandfather of Daniel.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
I can be reached at or .
From what you wrote I can deduce that Carole had provided you with some
data on my Daniel and Sylvia Combs Paine family. I'm not sure what Carol
provided to you. Here's a synopsis of what I've collected thus far, it may
a little redundant.
My great,great-grandmother, Ann Paine Sanford, wrote a brief family history
just before she died in 1907. Regarding the Paine family she wrote:
"A history of our family as far as I can remember. My
grandfather Daniel Pain was a native of Virginia and
was a young man when the Revolution broke out. My
great grand-father, whose name I think was Daniel
also, came over from England. Just after
Grandfather's marriage he moved to McMinnville,
Tennessee. My father was born in McMinnville.
While he was a babe moved to Blount County
Alabama. My grand pa lived in Alabama until after
Pa was grown then he went to Illinois, settling in
Hancock Co. His youngest daughter was Aunt Alta
Ivers. Pa's oldest brother was Mason Paine, the next
William, Merrel, hisself, and Carrel which was the
baby. His sisters Nancy Owen, Millie Pool, Sarah
Wilson, and Betty who never married. My father had
three half brothers - Thomas, Larken, can't remember
the name of the other one. My father's mother's
maiden name was Silvy Combs. Pa said our family
descent was English, Welsh, Scotch, and Irish."
Now back to my records...
Daniel Paine first arrived in McMinnville at the turn of the
19th century. The book "McMinnville at a Milestone" says
on page 54:
"Daniel Paine, who, according to tradition, came to
what is now Warren County about 1800. He moved to
the west about 1823 with his family of ten
children...Daniel Paine was the brother of Malvina
Paine, wife of Rodham Kenner....He was also the
brother or uncle of Sally Paine, wife of Isham
Randolph, a still earlier settler...Dr. Byrd Paine,
brother of (Dr.) Alfred and their sister Pauline were
also residents of McMinnville."
Daniel Paine and his wife Silvia Combs Paine moved to
Hancock County, Illinois about 1825. He died in 1833. An
article on the 16th of March, 1833 in the Sangamon Journal
" To Thomas Paine, Larkin Paine, Joshua Owen and
Nancy Owen, late Nancy Paine, Mason Paine, William
Paine, Kinney Pool and Milley Pool, late Milley Paine,
Fleming Paine, Murrill Paine, Elizabeth Paine, Sally
Paine, Johnathan Evans and Alta Evans, late Alta
Paine, heirs at law of Daniel Paine and Carroll
deceased. Take note that a noncuperative will of the
said Daniel Paine, has been duly proven and
recorded...that letters of testamentary will be granted
thereon to Sylvia Payne and Fleming Payne on the
16th day of March..."
Daniel's will provides:
"I want my young children that live with me, that is to
say Elizabeth, Sally and Carroll to have as much as
those have had that left me (to wit) Eighty dollars in
trust each and Carroll besides that to have money
enough to bare his expenses to Alabama and to pay
for schooling him two or three years"
"Also I want when my money is collected as much of
it as may be necessary given for a home for the hold
woman to linve on (meaning Silvey Paine)".
The 1850 census in Warren County shows Carrol (William
Carrol) Paine, age 19 as a student at Mr. S.W. Owen's
By the time of Daniel's death, two sons (Mason and Fleming
G.) had moved to Dewitt County, Illinois. The "History of
DeWitt County, Illinois" says on page 315:
"Another pioneer, Mr. Mason Paine, was born in
Alabama, and migrated to Illinios at an early day, and
settled in section 34 of this township, in 1831." and
on page 316, "The first mill was constructed by Mason
Paine in 1833 and situated in section 34, on the land
now owned by James Barnett."
My great,great-grandmother's history recounts:
"My pa (Fleming G. Paine) was the father of 18
children. The oldest Sarah E. Gary, Alta V. Hogeland,
myself Eliza A. Sanford, Emma C. Gragory, Margret
A. Boon, Malissa O. Haslett, Silvy Ellen Paine and
Addie Paine. My father's boys - oldest Mahlon Hall,
William C., John H., Ruphus, Daniel and Albert. My
father helped drive the Blackhawk Indians from that
state. Took an active part in all political questions,
being county judge for several years; he was sent to
the legislature two years; he was a physician by
"My father built one of the first houses in Clinton and
we lived there until 1845 or 6 when we moved to Iowa.
Lived at Ft. Maddison, then we went to Charlston,
Iowa and lived until '49 at which time my father
became afflicted with rheumatism. He had a large
practice and that being such a cold country he
suffered so bad he decided coming south for fear of
being disabled from his practice. In last day of Oct.
'49 we took a steamer at Keokuk for Memphis,
Tennessee. We were eleven days on the water. After
getting to Memphis decided going on into Mississippi
as he had a brother there. He sent wagons for us so
we got there a few days before Christmas the year
"Lived there until the year 1856 then came to Texas,
first stopping in Falls Co. The same year your Pa
(Balaam Sanford) and I were married under a big oak
tree three miles from Waco."
Back to my data again...Both William Carroll Paine and
Fleming G. Paine moved to Lee County, Iowa. They can be
found there in the 1850 census. Sylvia Combs Paine died at
the home of William Carroll in 1857.
A history I received from a Paine relative still living in
DeWitt County, IL says that Daniel's father was William
Paine of Virginia and his mother was Ruth Lewis. She had
this William dieing in Halifax, Va in 1771. This is not
documented so I've put it in my "maybe" file.
During my earlier correspondence with Carole, I received the
following from her:
"My Martin Johnson was an associate and neighbor
of both John and William Payne back in Hawkins Co.,
TN. Various deed records from the late 1700s and
1800s show the three of them living on Dodsons and
Beach Creeks almost directly across from Rogersville,
Hawkins Co."
I would guess that these may have been brothers of Daniel,
who was living in Alambama at the time. A little later,
Daniel and family joined them. There you have it. I may be
a little bold, but I'm guessing that your John Payne may be
a cousin of my Daniel, who married Sylvia Combs.

If you have any comentary to add to the following please contact me at:
Joe Payne

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