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Subject: Paxton research and We Are One.
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 10:06:22 -0700 (PDT)
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Thanks for sending that info. Seeing the bit about King Charles jogged my memory and I now recognize the source. It's from the Paxton book, We Are One, (1903) and --unfortunately-- is not entirely accurate. Take this for example:

"Several centuries of Scottish life had endured the Paxtons with love of liberty,and with the heroic faith, and piety of John Knox. Of course, they cast their lives and fortune to Cromwell. One of the family officiated at the execution of King Charles I. This may have been James, our ancestor. After the restoration, in 1603, James Paxton fled to County Antrim, in the north of Ireland, and found friends in the Scotch-Irish inhabitants." Source: William McClung Paxton, The Paxtons: We Are One, pub.Platte City, MO.1903:-

While the Paxton book is a wonderful source of family history, it is not always accurate historically --or genealogically. For example, although the statement that one of the Paxtons officiated at the execution of King Charles has been copied and shared among Paxton researchers since the book was published in 1903, no Paxton was recorded as being present at the time of the execution of King Charles I. It was Dr. William JUXON -- not Paxton-- who was present and officiated at Charles' execution in in January 1649. Juxon was a well-know clergyman, the Bishop of London, and appointed as Lord Treasurer of England.
(From my online report, which is still being edited --I can't seem to get the format corrected so that the size type doesn't keep changing!)

Unfortunately, whoever first confused Juxon and Paxon/Paxton did not have access to the historical documents that are now available online for me and other historians/genealogists. e.g. see the original "news report" re the execution of King Charles at: (scroll down to execution of Charles)

It's easier for us to read today than to have stood in line looking over peoples' shoulders in London the day after Charles lost his head.

You can see more excerpts from We Are One including info about your Samuel at:

As for the genealogy in the Paxton book: Keep in mind that Mr. Paxton was primarily a compiler of info sent to him by others, and not all info sent was accurate. Since all research was done onsite (courthouses, libraries etc.) or by snail-mail, it really is not surprising. Even family bible entries were not always accurate.

One example of serious error --and the one that taught me to always try to verify vital info if I want to make sure I'm climbing the right family tree-- is found in We Are One. pg 257, where it was reported that the father of Milly Rowland was David Rowland. LDS researchers and others picked this up, and it still shows in most reports. Trouble is the David Rowland was NOT Milly's father, but her brother. How do I know? Because I have a certified copy of the marriage bond and consent form signed by her father, Thomas Rowland.

How can such a big mistake be made? Because while Thomas stayed home, David went with his sister to post the marriage bond. Thus his name is in the first line or so of the bond. Some researcher just didn't take time to transcribe ALL of the bond, or even see the attached consent signed by Thomas Rowland. There are similar errors in my Paxton line, although not quite so dramatic.

There's nothing wrong with sharing clues or even wild guesses or making reasonable deductions (Diehl says the same thing in his Rockbridge Notebook), but we need to identify them as such.

End of lecture. And you didn't deserve it. Sorry, but as you can see, I feel a bit strongly about this.


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My sister in law had done some research at one time and I believe she got the information on James Paxton b.1640 in Scotland possibly England. He married unknown wife. James had 3 son's that migrated to the US William, Thomas and Samuel. James died in 1720 in Balleymony, Antrim, Ireland. James was said to have been of Presbyterian "Roundhead" family that supported Oliver Cromwell against the crown in the English Civil War. It has been said that one of his relatives may have been the Paxton who was one who brought about the execution of King Charles I of the House of Stuart. When the Cromwellian government was overthrown with restoration of King Charles II to the English throne, James fled to strongly Scottish Presbyterian Northern Ireland - Ulster Plantation. There he settled and lived the remainder of his life. All of this is referenced from of the latter-day Saints. James had 5 son's but only 3 came to the US. Samuel,Thomas, William, Nathaniel an!
d John.
I don't have much information on the other brothers.

What direction did your family end up migrating to? I will let you know if I come across anything else on James Paxton.


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Will write direct and not bore everyone with details.

My Paxton line from Samuel Paxton-

1 Samuel Paxton b: ca. 1670 d: ca. 1746 Marsh Creek, Adams Co. PA

2 John Paxton b: 1692 d: ca. 1741 Chester, Delaware Co, PA

3 William Paxton, Major b: 1732 d: 30 September 1795 Rockbridge Co. VA

4 Susannah Paxton b: ca. 1772 d: 11 November 1800 Rockbridge Co. VA

5 Mary Gilmore b: 22 March 1799 d: 12 December 1848 Rockbridge Co.

6 Robert Rowland b: 11 September 1822 d: 29 May 1865

7 Mary Rowland b: 11 February 1852 d: 1889 Liberty Springs, AR

8 Julia Humes b: 25 July 1887 d: 17 July 1974 Arlington, WA

9 Irene Bilyeu b: 29 November 1912 d: October 1993 Lynnwood, WA

10 Joanne Merrill b: 09 August 1932

I did get my Paxton Burial Ground page moved --still needs some work-- and am currently reworking my Paxton online genealogy report so I can get it moved. Sl-o-o-w going. I'm a better genealogist than webmaster... at least I hope so, because I'm not a very good webpage-writer. Had thought I'd have my rewrite done today, but can see it's going to take another few days.

Regarding your line: For the first generations down to Jonathan, I show:

1 Samuel Paxton b: ca. 1670 d: ca. 1746 Marsh Creek, Adams Co. PA

2 Samuel Paxton, Jr. b: ca. 1705 d: Bef. 08 March 1793 (Younger brother of my John b.1692)

3 Jonathan Paxton b: 28 December 1777 d: 05 January 1852 Preble Co. Ohio. Jonathan m. Agnus Gilmore, who was the sister of my Joseph Gilmore and Isabella Gilmore. Lots and lots of info on this couple and their very large family, and even more on the Gilmores. Of my grandmother's 4 grandparents, 3 were Gilmores.

My question: Where did you get info on Samuel Sr.'s father? Do you have source info?

Thanks for the kind offer to look for things on my behalf. When are you going? My cousin, Mike Gardebled is hoping to go again --probably not until November, as he plans on doing a full survey of the Paxton Burial Ground, and it's just not possible until the grass dies down. He lives just east of New Orleans, and I'm hoping he's okay. Secondary hope is that with the storm and the increased cost of gas, he'll still be able to go to Virginia.


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