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From: ~Sonia Parsons Haga~ <>
Subject: Maryland to NC parsons
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 10:10:04 +0000

I have just discovered a few new generations on my Parsons line. I
received this information from a Parsons Cuz in CA who plans to be
online this fall. He received the majority of his info from the
Raleigh, NC archives (Parker-Parsons-Thrift Genealogy).

I'm quoting his letter:
"An undated letter by Nora Fisher b1891 of West Los Angeles,
great-grandaughter of James Parsons and 2nd wife Mary Barnard, probably
typed in the 1920's or 30's, says she was told by her father; 'Two
brothers came to America from England during the reign of King James'
(James II 1685-88). 'They were given a large grant of land which was in
the states of North Carolina and VA If they would not return to England
as they were political enemies of the King.' I'm still researching this
lead. There were at least three John Parsons exiled to the colonies by
King James for rebellion in 1686....I have done research on trying to
determine if our Parsons came from the line in 'Parsonstown', now 'Birr'
Ireland. The Los Angeles city Fire Marshall, Davis Parsons, and the
former Special Agent in Charge of the FBI office here, Charlie Parsons,
both descend from that landed Gentry line. They gave me their family
histories but I have been unable to find any connection....The 40 page
PPT gen. in the Raleigh Archives states: 'John Parsons, father of
George, and his wife, Lady Catherine Weatherby, came from England and
settled in Maryland. (eastern shore). Catherine died there, but John
went to NC and died at the home of his son George.' The son John,
settled in Western NC. I have yet to find a trace of John & Catherine,
or George's birth in Maryland, or John Sr.'s death in NC. John Jr is
supposed to have died young. The records were probably burned in the
revolutionary war battle of Guilford Court House....The PPT also states
Parsons-Weatherby came to maryland in the 1600's making them too old to
be Georges' parents. A generation may have been skipped....The Parsons
surname originated in half a dozen counties in Southern England. The
Weatherby surname in Yorkshire. On the River Wharfe in Yorkshire
there's a small town named 'Wetherby'."
End quote.

John b c 1715 m Catherine b c 1717

1-George b c 1740 MD m c 1764 Ruth Green d 1833 Feb, Guilford Co NC
2-Girl b c 1742
3-Girl b c 1745
4-John Jr b c 1750

Geo. & Ruth
1-John b 1765 Deep River Rowan Co NC dead by 1815
2-Wm b 1767 "" "" m 25 Jan 1792 Eleanor Bartley d May 1814 Gu. Co NC
3-Geo Jr b 1769"" "" m Mary Gossett d 1843 Gu. Co NC
4-James b 27 Jan 1771 "" "" m 1794 Mary Fields,
29 mar 1821 Mary Barnard d 15 feb 1857 Gu Co NC
5-Evan(in) b Nov 1777 "" "" m 23 dec 1799 Patience Fields,
1828 Anna Graham, d 1872 Dallas GA.
6-Mary b 1783 "" "" m 30 may 1800 John Welborn d jul 1840 Orange Co NC
7-Robert b 1789 "" "" m 27 nov 1813 Jane Wolfington d?
8-Catherine b 11 oct 1790 "" "" m c 1819 John Parker MD
d 19 apr 1866 New Winchester IN
9-Thomas b c 1792 m 11 apr 1815 Martha Patsy Maggee, Jane Gossett
d 1841 Gu Co NC

If anyone sees a connection, please let me know. I am descended from
george Jr. Thanks...
~Sonia Parsons Haga~

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