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Subject: Native american blood in Parish line
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 14:00:40 -0500 (CDT)

Thea's interesting account of Abner Parrish being half Cherokee brings a
story to mind.

My grandmmother, Mittie Parish, 1896=1980s, told me the first Parish who
came to America came with two brothers. and one of the brothers married an
That story had been handed down to her. She also always understood her
Parish line was from Ireland, not England. She told me this in the 1960s
many times.

does anyone else have any stories handed down?

randy decuir

>Hello Parrish researchers!
>I am looking for the parents of Abner Paris/Parrish (1815-1860) who lived
>in Marshall County, Alabama. I am also looking for cousins that may be
>working on the family.
>Thank you for your help.
>Thea Rasins
>Abner H. (Hampton?) Parrish (October 26, 1815 GA? - March 1860 AL, buried
>in Rehoboth Cemetary)
>m: Elizabeth Hanietta Newman (1817 AL - March 29,1884 AL, buried in Alder
>Springs Cemetary)
>offspring of Abner H. Parrish (1815- ) and Elizabeth Hanietta Newman
>1/William H. Parrish M b:1838 AL d:July 27, 1864
>2/Eli C. Parrish M b:1843 AL d:
>3/Joseph G. Parrish M b:1845 d:
>4/Martha Paralee Parrish F b:1846 d:
>5/Sarah A. Parrish F b: 1848 d:
>6/Stephen Richmond Parrish M b:1850 d:
>7/Caleb N. Parrish M b:Sept 1850 d:
>8/Artamecia Parrish F b:1856 d:
>9/Rhonda K. Parrish F b:1858 d:
>Abner -
>Abner was at least 1/2 Cherokee. I have land records for Abner. He was
>accused of killing his neighbor, a man named ìRoseî, for either raping
>his wife or stealing his horse. Abner was held in prision for two years
>in a windowless basement of the old courthouse. He was hung without
>trial and without proper legal proceedures. Local records are very
>sparce and it is difficult to get the Guntersville, AL officials to
>release any information. The best information we have been able to get
>is that Abner was burried in a Jewish Cemetary to hide his body, a false
>death date was placed on his tombstone. A picture of a hand was also
>placed on the tombstone pointing to the ì0î on the date, perhaps
>indicating that he was hung. Abnerís wife and children were harassed by
>local officials for many years.
>One of Abnerís brothers was killed in a gun fight in Guntersville
>according to ìpublic recordî.
>Elizebeth - Appeared in the 1880 census has a Elizabeth Hannarh at 64
>She was buried next to Jane Newman (1790-1881). Stephen, her son, told
>his kids that Elizebeth, his mother, was 1/2 Cherokee.
> children of Abner H. Paris (1815-
>) and Elizabeth Newman (1817-1884)
>1/William H. Parrish M b:1838 AL d:July 27, 1864
>no known spouse or offspring
>-served in Company G, 22nd Alabama Infantry - Confederate States of
>2/Eli C. Parrish M b:1843 AL d:
>no known spouse or offspring
>- Eli C. (or G.) Paris, Private, Company H, 42nd Regít Tennessee Infantry
>was captured at Fort Donaldson on February 16, 1862. He appears on Roll
>of Prisioners of War.
>3/Joseph G. Parrish M b:1845 AL d:
>no known spouse or offspring
>4/Martha Paralee Parrish F b:1846 AL d: Ider
>offspring of Martha Parrish (1846- )
>1/Rev. Rufus K. Parrish
>Rufus K. Boyd Parrish is said to have been the son of Alabama govenor
>Rufus K. Boyd, for whom Martha and her sister were working at the time.
>Martha suddenly aquired enough money to go to ìthe cityî and start her
>own millinary shop.
>5/Sarah A. Parrish F b: 1848 AL d:
>no known spouse or offsping
>6/Stephen Richmond Parrish M b:Sept 1850 AL d:1921
>m:Elizabetth ëLizaí Ann Jamima Singleton b:Apr 1856 AL d:May26,
>1928 AL
>offspring of Stephen Parrish (1850 AL-1921 AL) and Elizabetth
>Singleton (1856 AL - 1928 AL)
>1/Caleb Kale Parrish M b: d:
>2/Morgan Parrish M b:Mar 1869 d:
>3/Wyath Clayton Parrish M b:Dec 5, 1871 d:
>4/Elizabeth ëLizzieí Parrish F b:1873 d:
>5/Rosie Ola Parrish F b:Oct 12, 1881 d:
>6/Solomon Parrish M b:Aug 1889 d:
>Stephen told of the James brothers taking milk from his mother and
>flipping to her a gold piece. She refused several times and they took
>it. As they left, they gave the money and told who they were. He also
>told of plowing in the Tennessee river bottom when the Yankees started
>shelling the bottom. He unhooked traces of the mules and headed for
>He is said to have visited his Father daily in jail and took care of him.
> He made headstones, etc....not sure if he made his fathers.
>Have copy of marriage license for Sephen R. Paris and Eliza Singleton
>from Marshall County Ala. Notice the name change. Sometime between
>mariage and death, the family changed their name. I had assumed the name
>change happened after his father was hung -
>1880 Census - was 70 years old
>According to Mary Barber:
>1900 Census - Marshall Co., AL - date of birth
>Hooper Pres. #24 - marriage date
>1900 Census says 9 children born, 6 living
>have a copy of a picture of Stephen.
>7/Caleb N. Parrish M b: 1853 AL d:
>m: Mary L. Austin April 25, 1873 in Guntersville, Marshall Co., AL
>no known offspring
>8/Artamecia Parrish F b:1856 AL d:
>no known spouse or offspring
>9/Rhonda K. Parrish F b:1858 AL d:1910 AL
>no known spouse or offspring
>possible cemetary marker says d. 11-1880 20yrs - 10m- 17d
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