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Anna Maria 3 April 1761 John George and Anna Maria

Catharine 30 April 1760 George and Eve

Christoper 26 Nov 1758 George and Eve

John 14 Sept 1756 John George and Eve

John George 17 Sept 1754 John George and Eve

John Jacob 9 June 1763 George and Eve

JOhn Peter 7 Nov 1771 Peter and Maria Barbara

John Matthias 5 Sept 1744 George and Sibilla

Yustus Trebert, deceased, late of Lancaster Borough. Minor child over 14
chooses George Reitzel, guardian

Oct 1 1774.Justus Trebert. deceased. Ex. George Reitzell, Jacob Weaver
and Henry Hare

Sept 7 1779 John Manderbaugh, Adm. Elizabeth Manderbaugh and Michael
Haberstick. Minor childern Henry and Jacob Manderbaug, over 14 chooses
George Reitzell of Lancaster Borough

10 June 1782 Peter Reitzell, deceased, late of Lancaster
Borough-cordwain. Ex. George Reitzell and Peter Fetter. Minor children,
George, Peter and Anna Maria, all under 14,

Reitzel, Elias O., was born May 15, 1851, in Mountville, Lancaster Co.
His great-grandfather the first to come to America from Holland with 3
sons, all of whom were married at the time. Col. Joseph Reitzel,
grandfather to Elias O., was a weaver by trade, and came to America with
his father, and located in Lancaster Co. He died 1867, past 84y. He
served in the War of 1812. He was twice married. Among the 12 children
born to the first union with Miss Boner were; Joseph,John, Samuel,
Henry, Peggy married George Imhoff, and Betsey who married Edward Glory.
He married 2nd to Elizabeth Mann, of Sunflower, Lancaster Co, near
Chester Co and their children were; Daniel, Harrision, Ephraim H., and
Sarah. Elizabeth (Mann) died June 15, 1893.

John Retzel, died 1851. He married Margaret Otto and she was born Oct 5,
1825, in Berks Co, and died Feb 21, 1893 in Columbia. Her father, Henry
Otto, of Berks Co., settled in Manor at an early day. Mr. and Mrs.
Reitzel, were members of the Lutheran Church. Their children were Jacob
of Norton Co. KA, Joseph, of Columbia and Elias O. The mother married
2nd William D. Mann, who also died long before her, passing away Oct 24,
1868 age 55. Two children were born of this union, Elizabeth married
John Good of Lancaster and Miss Mary Ann Mann

Elias O. married Nov 20 1887 to Mrs. Catharine (Sherrick) Smith, who was
born May 25, 1851 in Washington borough. She first married John Smith,
and they had one daughter Mary E. With her union to Reitzel she had
Milton H., and Mary F.

Paul Sherrick of Washington borough, Mrs. Reitzel's father, was a son of
John and Elizabeth Sherrick, of Germany. He first married Margaret
Vouliver by whom he had; Jacob, Lenah, widow George Green, of Steelton,
Fanny, Mary,John of Manor twp. Mrs Sherrick died March 29, 1845 aged 35.
He married 2nd to Elizabeth Collings, d/o Samuel and Nancy
(Hougentogler) Collins

Reitzel, Peter to Susanna Newcomer, 16 April 1772

Reitzel, Ephraim Reitzel, Sr was born Feb 4, 1842. He is the grandson of
Conrad Reitzel, a weaver by trade who emigrated to America fo
Switzerland. Ephraim's father name was Joseph and he died 1867. He was
twice married, his first wife's maiden name was Boner. His second wife
was Elizabeth Mann of Chester Co.

Ephraim H, his mother, whose maiden name was Elizabeth Mann, her
paternal grandfather was William Mann of Fallowfield, Chester Co. He
married Jane Brown, 1st cousin to General Anthony Wayne. She had 4
brothers, who served in the patriot armay. John, David, Matthew and Eli.
David was wounded . He and his brother John returned from the war and
settled in Ohio. To Willam and Jane (Brown) Mann were born; James,
Jonathan, William,,Joseph, Samuel, Ezekiel and Eli. John Mann, the
maternal grandfather of Mr. Reitzel, was also a soldier of the Rev. His
wife was Anne Devine, do William Devine and his wife isabelle Moore

War of 1812
Reitzel, Joseph wf Elizabeth, WC-34815, srv Capt Good, PA

Reitzell, John P., wf Mary, WC-16881 srv Capt Marshall, PA

Best Wishes, Geri

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