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Subject: Re: [PTREE] SNOW!
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2011 12:02:16 -0500 (EST)

No snow in OK. It's bright and sunny. We did have a small earthquake this
weekend again. The last one we had that we felt last month or earlier this
month was during a tornado watch!

Joe is outside working on an automatic gate. He finally put up a fence
and is installing an automatic gate on one drive. We have a horseshoe drive
in front, but one gate will not be automatic. He said he could get a system
where, when I push the button in my car it opens both the gate and my
garage door. That will be handy!

But I'm worried that this dog Lady (who acts more like a juvenile
delinquent than a Lady!! she is still young) will sail right over that fence.
We came home to OK one time while living off in the AF, Dad had hunting
dogs named Lady and Sailor. I asked him were he got the Sailor name and he
said because that hound could sail right over any fence he put up.

Our Lady takes almost every step Joe takes. He picked her up at the pound
and the guy said she didn't have it very easy with the people who had her,
she looked all sad eyed and meek for about a week and then realized she was
the Queen of this outfit. She really bonded with Joe and she is a great
watchdog now.

Again Ken, glad you are back on the line. Heading to town to volunteer
at the Gen. Library this afternoon and laugh with the ladies this afternoon.
You notice I didn't say the "other" ladies in that. ha ha Nova


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Well, believe it or not, we are getting our first snow of the winter here
middle Tennessee. It's a wet snow, since it's been raining, and I don't
think any will stick, but it sure is nice to see snow instead of fall
and sticks!

Anyone else getting snow yet. Surely our cousins in Pennsylvania and other
northern areas are....

Let us know.


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