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From: "Dorothy Roper" <>
Subject: Re: [PTREE] O.D.'s health report
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 07:55:57 -0500
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Ken -

I am so sorry that you have this hanging over you. I can only imagine how
it feels. Please know that you will be in my prayers. I suppose your
insurance position would not be any better if you moved back to MS - or you
would have already done this. I realize there are so many people who fall
through the cracks on the Medicare/Medicaid coverage and we need to demand
that something be done about it. Please take care and we will all be
praying that a solution is found soon so that you can have the needed


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Subject: [PTREE] O.D.'s health report

> O.D.,
> I'm glad you had a good report from the cardiologist. You say you are
> feeling some better now.
> Does that mean you are feeling some better physically/heart-wise, or are
> you
> feeling some better because the report was good????
> I hope you continue to do well and don't have any more problems for a long
> time.
> I will just be blunt with everybody. Peggy already knows this, but I just
> haven't discussed it openly here. And not to gain sympathy by any means,
> just want you all to know the reality of my situation.
> I need to have a triple bypass and also a repair of the "hole" in my heart
> I've had from birth in order to even survive another some years on this
> earth. The procedure will require two surgeons at the same time, and the
> price tag is about $100,000. I have no insurance, cannot get TennCare
> (which
> is like Medicare in MS or other states) because the Governor changed the
> requirements and single white males with no dependents are excluded from
> any
> services. I haven't been able to be approved for Disability Insurance/SSI,
> so I am like living one day at a time, hoping I wake up tomorrow to see
> another day. I try to keep my mind off it and keep positive, but sometimes
> it does weigh on me like a ton of bricks.
> The doctors at Vanderbilt say the medications I am on are working, but
> eventually they will stop working and the CHF will return and there won't
> be
> a way to help it. They said that eventually, without the surgery, my heart
> function will get so bad there will be no way to repair it and I will just
> die.
> Now, wasn't that depressing? It sure is to me.
> But you know what? I have always had a strong belief in God, and have
> always
> trusted in Him, and have always known he has kept me alive for something.
> And evidently He isn't done with me yet or else I wouldn't still be here.
> So
> I just trust in Him day by day and console myself that He is in control of
> my life, and whatever happens to me will be His will. I remember when I
> was
> a child, the Evangelists would be on TV, healing people who believe. I
> watched some of these folks with my mother from time to time, and she
> would
> ask me, "Kenny, do you believe God can heal you?" And I would say "Yes,
> mama, I do." And then I would put my hand on the tv and ask that preacher
> to
> heal me.
> That never happened, so I guess that wasn't God's plan for my life. God
> did
> keep me alive and healthy as a young adult to take care of my mother in
> her
> last years, and I am thankful for that.
> I know I have babbled here, and I am sure many of you don't care about
> this
> or even believe anything I have said, but I just want you all to know if I
> suddenly pass away, you will know the reason. I am still doing all I can
> to
> find a way to have the surgery, but if I don't, then I have the assurance
> that I will see and be with God in Eternity.
> I'm sorry if I have offended any of you, so please forgive me if I have,
> but
> you all know that I do not hold back my emotions when I talk to my family
> here.
> Love to all.
> Ken
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> Subject: Heart Problem
> I had a very good report from my heart Dr. , Friday , and am feeling
> some better now.
> O.D.
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