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Subject: [PTREE] O.D.'s health report
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 00:12:51 -0600
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I'm glad you had a good report from the cardiologist. You say you are
feeling some better now.

Does that mean you are feeling some better physically/heart-wise, or are you
feeling some better because the report was good????

I hope you continue to do well and don't have any more problems for a long

I will just be blunt with everybody. Peggy already knows this, but I just
haven't discussed it openly here. And not to gain sympathy by any means,
just want you all to know the reality of my situation.

I need to have a triple bypass and also a repair of the "hole" in my heart
I've had from birth in order to even survive another some years on this
earth. The procedure will require two surgeons at the same time, and the
price tag is about $100,000. I have no insurance, cannot get TennCare (which
is like Medicare in MS or other states) because the Governor changed the
requirements and single white males with no dependents are excluded from any
services. I haven't been able to be approved for Disability Insurance/SSI,
so I am like living one day at a time, hoping I wake up tomorrow to see
another day. I try to keep my mind off it and keep positive, but sometimes
it does weigh on me like a ton of bricks.

The doctors at Vanderbilt say the medications I am on are working, but
eventually they will stop working and the CHF will return and there won't be
a way to help it. They said that eventually, without the surgery, my heart
function will get so bad there will be no way to repair it and I will just

Now, wasn't that depressing? It sure is to me.

But you know what? I have always had a strong belief in God, and have always
trusted in Him, and have always known he has kept me alive for something.
And evidently He isn't done with me yet or else I wouldn't still be here. So
I just trust in Him day by day and console myself that He is in control of
my life, and whatever happens to me will be His will. I remember when I was
a child, the Evangelists would be on TV, healing people who believe. I
watched some of these folks with my mother from time to time, and she would
ask me, "Kenny, do you believe God can heal you?" And I would say "Yes,
mama, I do." And then I would put my hand on the tv and ask that preacher to
heal me.

That never happened, so I guess that wasn't God's plan for my life. God did
keep me alive and healthy as a young adult to take care of my mother in her
last years, and I am thankful for that.

I know I have babbled here, and I am sure many of you don't care about this
or even believe anything I have said, but I just want you all to know if I
suddenly pass away, you will know the reason. I am still doing all I can to
find a way to have the surgery, but if I don't, then I have the assurance
that I will see and be with God in Eternity.

I'm sorry if I have offended any of you, so please forgive me if I have, but
you all know that I do not hold back my emotions when I talk to my family

Love to all.


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I had a very good report from my heart Dr. , Friday , and am feeling
some better now.


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