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From: "Lis Warwood" <>
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2007 09:12:47 +0930

On 5 July Elizabeth Shaw wrote to me re CADWALLADER - Elizabeth I have
tried replying off list several times and my message bounces so I am
replying on list.

You wrote:

Hi, Lis -

I looked around a bit & here's a snippet about your Harry C., I

"... W. Harry Cadwallader who is mentioned in "The Kichlines in
America." He was the son of Benjamin Cadwallader and Susan M. Kichline,
and born in 1858 at Doylestown, PA. I believe he died shortly after the
1900 Federal Census in Philadelphia. Does anyone have any details --
dates, places of burial. He was married to an M.E. Cadwallader."

W. Harry is also mentioned as being active in 1912/1913 - having
donated an Indian mortar to the Bucks Co. Historical Soc.regards -
elizabeth shaw

My response:

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for writing. You should see the State Herbarium and Botanic
Gardens these days - they are wonderful and my husband and I visit it
often and whenever we have visitors from overseas we always take them

The snippet you found was a posting by Robert Egby who is the editor of
a Spiritualist/Parapsychic publication and I believe that unfortunately
he had got the wrong CADWALLADER when he posted the message. W Henry
CADWALLADER was certainly the son of Benjamin Cadwallader b. 1825 &
Susan M KACHLINE/KICHLINE (married 1856) but from census records I have
been sent he did not marry and so must be eliminated from the equation.

The Harry CADWALLADER who appears to have been married to Mercy E was
born 1854/55 and if I have the right one he was the son of William
Rutherford CADWALLADER b. 1824 (d. 1862) who married a Sarah BRADFORD.
William Rutherford Cadwallader and Benjamin Cadwallader were brothers.

Now the W Harry mentioned "as being active in 1912/1913 - having donated
an Indian mortar to the Bucks Co. Historical Soc." Is an interesting
snippet - I wonder who this Cadwallader was?


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