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Subject: [PAERIE] Erie Cemetery Association Link & Not Founds
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 00:44:53 EDT


Here is the Erie Cemetery Association Link...and for anybody else who
might not have it
_ (

More Not Founds in the Database...
William Hofsies

Harriet Randall

Christoph Hofsies

Susanna Hofsies Geik

Martha Shears

I'm done for tonight, twisted an ankle in a woodchuck hole there at the
cemetery, let a sobbing cemetery visiting couple use my shoe brush to clean
their grave they were visiting, got skitzed out by a scantly clad big woman in
silver high heels, bra top, a belly button pierced, bleached blonde hair with a
I dream of Jeannie pony tail walking up the drive (too weird), then I lost
my car keys in section NN because I was laying on the ground getting pics.
LOL...I left after that.

Have a great weekend,

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