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Subject: [PAERIE] Multiple Responses :)
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 19:01:00 EDT

Carol, I'm not sure WHO is compiling the Erie Cemetery's online database,
but I can tell you that when I was at the office, what I pulled up was exactly
the same thing they pulled up at the one desk. Then the one guy came out to
help and he went in the back and had what was like a large index card in a
sleeve...which might be what they are transcribing from. On the outside sleeve
it showed 3 lots and two roads, letting me figure out east west etc. There
are some old maps to in a draw all gridded with lots and names, but I know my
one request was not listed, and they were missing a map as well. ( It was
an interesting visit.) It is great that it is online though even if there are
a few "kinks" in it. (as was stated by the people in the office...they are
working on it.)

Louisa, I have a whole lot of pics to go through, I cross reference both
what's already on Find A Grave with the Erie Database, it's taking while. Plus
I'm committed as the County Keeper of Forest County on Find A Grave for
Forest County and like Bill, I'm that host for the GenWeb as well. (busy busy, I
need DSL, lol)

Ric, Marmaduke looked like a bit of sidewalk in section P, I had to pull up
a whole lot of grass and dirt, I was pleased to see "duke" finally...but he is
there! Unearthed! Beautiful slate stone.

Okay here are a few I can not cross reference with the database...

I hope these come through okay

Kelly Milner

Jane Mark

Cordelia Arbuckle

Hannah Arbuckle

Luther Douglass

John Hulbert

And for the heck of it check out...
Sally May / Mayes (she IS online), interesting

Have a great weekend!

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