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From: "Carol Payne" <>
Subject: Re: [PAERIE] Erie Cemetery Database
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 20:34:45 -0500
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Christine -
Who created the "Erie Cemetery Database" and what was the Source for the

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Subject: [PAERIE] Erie Cemetery Database

> Ok, here is a question, so far I've only done 3 photo requests for Erie
> are difficulties I've run into...
> First one listed section "Q" section "Q" on is section "O"
> map
> Second one listed section 3 single grave, there's a section 3 of a single
> graves but he was really in section 03 single grave, TOTALLY different
> They left the "0" out of the transcription.
> Third was Marmaduke Curtis listed as section P 5 single grave...there's a
> section P...and a section 5 of single graves, two totally different spots.
> office even said P they thought were only family plots, but after digging
> out every map and index cards and involving 3 other people...he was in
> P. (under 4 inches of sod, but I found it thank goodness after all that)
> Lastly like I mentioned I have been taking pics of the really old ones,
> finding people not in the database at all. Has anybody else had that
> I started keeping track but it has gotten to be too many. Tried various
> spellings, nada.
> Just was wondering if anybody else found problems.
> Thanks,
> Christine
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