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From: Tracy <>
Subject: [PD-LIFE] Weekly update...?
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2009 10:46:31 -0700 (PDT)

Hi All,
 I can't remember the last update but think it was a week ago. Mom is doing much better with moving her left leg. Last night she was able to move it back and forth when we practiced her "log rolls". The doctor told her the other day she may not walk again. That had her scared, and now motivated. Apparently it would be because of the "drop foot" but my bother has that and it is corrected with leg braces and a cane.
 Yesterday was the first day Mom wore clothing, she had been wearing a hospital gown and felt more comfortable in it. I think she looked better being in clothes. We were able to exercise and she didn't have to worry about being covered or the sheet slipping. I noticed that her steri-strips are coming off and while exercising the incision looked to be opening. I showed the nurse and they put new steri-strips on that area and we stopped doing log rolls for the evening.
 Mom said it felt good to move around and lie on her side. While up on side I rubbed her back and hips. The doctors say every day shows a slight improvement and are pleased. We looked at a skilled nursing facility on Friday. Older building but nicely kept and they are doing some remodeling. We really hope we can take her home, if she could just stand on own 2 feet. We discussed making a "room" in the living room as the wheelchair won't make the tight corners into hall and bath. We'd just need to move couch and coffee table into bedroom and place bed in living room. Then she would have plenty of room to move around and we could get her to the dining room table and to family room.
 Bryan went with me last night to see her. They tease each other, actually he teases her and she just loves it, and he got her to smile and laugh. I'll be going up to see her in a while and we'll be practicing all her therapy exercises. It's killing my shoulder but making her better!
 I hope everyone had a nice holiday. Mine was nice because I didn't have to cook!! Bryan took me out for dinner and shopping. Take care.

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