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Subject: [PA-PITTSBURGH] From list administrator... Chit-chat
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 17:36:25 -0400
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Thank you for the compliments about our Pittsburgh list and I couldn't agree
with you more about the "chit-chat" that we engage in from time to time.
Flexibility and moderation are the keys.

As creator and moderator of this list, I have no problems with some off
topic conversations. OT, on this very list, helped me to find my
grandfather's brother-in-law! He was pushing 85 years old and it was
thrilling to be able to connect with him.

List Administrator

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Dear List,

Let me make a suggestion on behalf of whoever may agree, whoever may not
disagree, and on behalf of a certain irascible politically incorrect senior
statesman. It's my understanding that each rootsweb list is autonomous and
runs per the gentle ministration of the list admin, who I'm sure I don't
know who that is, but it seems to be Tomi.

In any case perhaps "chit-chat" in moderation could be allowed when the list
is pretty quiet under the guideline that the subject line labels it as such.
And perhaps all of us could direct our "chit-chat" to matters of at least
marginal connection to Pittsburgh history and genealogy.

In any case, let's keep it civil, folks. This is the best list to which I
subscribe, and I follow a lot of them.


Eve and Don Krieger
Pittsburgh, PA

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