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From: "Don Krieger" <>
Subject: Re: [PA-PITTSBURGH] Chit-chat
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 14:57:00 -0400
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Dear List,

Let me make a suggestion on behalf of whoever may agree, whoever may not
disagree, and on behalf of a certain irascible politically incorrect senior
statesman. It's my understanding that each rootsweb list is autonomous and
runs per the gentle ministration of the list admin, who I'm sure I don't
know who that is, but it seems to be Tomi.

In any case perhaps "chit-chat" in moderation could be allowed when the list
is pretty quiet under the guideline that the subject line labels it as such.
And perhaps all of us could direct our "chit-chat" to matters of at least
marginal connection to Pittsburgh history and genealogy.

In any case, let's keep it civil, folks. This is the best list to which I
subscribe, and I follow a lot of them.


Eve and Don Krieger
Pittsburgh, PA

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The people that you are complaining about are the ones that have been
sitting here waiting for you and other foreigners to ask a
question. Sometimes we go weeks without someone asking for
assistance and "chit chat" is one way to tell ourselves that there's
nothing wrong with the list.

If you and Mr O'Connor find this list with its "chit chat" so
unenjoyable, then I suggest you take your questions to the Allegheny
site which is run by a woman more to your liking........ not ours.

Remember this word of advice........... Don't bite the hand that's feeding


At 09:06 AM 4/22/2009, you wrote:

>Hello List,
>I would like to respectfully request that members of this list stick
>to genealogy topics. I know from time to time others have had the
>same complaint that there is too much "chit chat" unrelated to
>genealogy on this site. There is another Pittsburgh site called
>Pittsburgh Memories especially for discussing Pittsburgh's past and
>other topics and chatting with friends. Facebook, Instant
>Messenger, etc are also all available to talk about 'whatever'. Can
>we keep the Pittsburgh list for genealogy, as do the other lists,
>such as Blair, Cambria, Venango, etc?
>Thank you, Tomi Larson
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